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%UNKIND FORMS CONFLICT CONTENTIOUS VIOLENCE FIGHTS 040509 %INCLUSION EXCLUSION INTEGRATION COHERENCE ATTACKS 040509 %BULLIES MACHO MENTALITIES ADDICTS CODEPENDENTS God 040509 %KINGS LORDS DICTATORS DEMANDS COMMANDS REFUSALS 040509 %DOMINATION SYSTEM WOMEN INTIMACY FRIENDSHIP ALIENS 040509 %CIVILITY HOSPITALITY GENEROSITY GREED SELFISH SEX 040509 Many issues of disagreement between Domineering- People and True-Lovers have-revolve around questions about the INCLUSION-WITH-POWER or EXCLUSION-WITHOUT-POWER of: 1. PEOPLE of a particular class; e.g., a. Women, b. People of a particular "color" skin, c. People of a particular nationality, d. People born in particular places, e. People of a particular "culture", f. People of a particular "religion", g. People of a particular "cast" h. People of a particular "extended-family", i. People of a particular "life-style". 2. A ground for AUTHORITY; e.g., a. A particular collection of "scriptures", b. A particular collection of "traditions", c. A particular famous writer/scholar, d. A particular new academic "discipline", e. Ancient versus modern "experiences", f. Ancient versus modern "perceptions", g. Ancient versus modern "understandings", h. Individual versus collective "views", i. Arbitrary versus coherent "descriptions", j. Prejudicial versus informed "views", k. Capricious versus kind "attitudes", l. Provincial versus cosmic "insights", m. Rational versus intuitive knowledge, n. Magical versus scientific paradigms, o. Spiritual versus physical considerations, p. Objective, subjective or reflexive views. 3. A form-of-government and/or wealth-sharing: a. Tribe, b. City, c. State, d. Nation, e. Confederation, f. Federation, g. Empire, h. Democracy, i. Dictatorship, j. Fascism, k. Socialism, l. Capitalism, m. Theocracy, o. Autocracy, etc. Domineering-people seek to CONCENTRATE-POWER. Domineering-people refuse to be open and honest about the ways in which CONCENTRATING-POWER leads inevitably to: A. Corruption, B. Graft, C. Greed, D. Alienation, E. Misunderstandings, F. Contentiousness, G. Ignorance, H. Mistakes, I. Blunders, J. Disintegrations, K. Attacks, L. Threats, M. Denigrations, N. Tragedies, etc. True-Lovers SEEK to be open and honest about the above ways in which CONCENTRATING-POWER leads inevitably to the above consequences. Domineering people seek to prevent such efforts to-facilitate-and-promote such- openness-and-honesty. Domineering people make the mistake of thinking that goodness and salvation have to do with conformity, and that they through domination can make people become/be good; and perhaps good-domineering-people can earn "points" toward getting into "heaven" by being dominant in "good" ways. Such beliefs/convictions lead to tragic patterns of alienation, excommunication, estrangement, sin, and EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================