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%CONFORMISTS PROGRAMS DOMINATION COMPLETE CONTROL 040429 %SYSTEMS ANALYSIS PARTS WHOLE COHERENCE INTEGRITIES 040429 %EVIL RELATIONSHIP COMMUNITY ISOLATED INVIDUAL LOVE 040429 %EASE RELAXATION RECREATION RECONCILIATION HEALINGS 040429 %CONTROL MANAGEMENT INSTITUTIONAL ADDICTION COLLUDE 040429 %ALIENATION EXCOMMUNICATION REJECTION EXCLUSIVITY 040429 Conformists' program of Conformity-Under-Domination cannot be complete unless at least the following two conditions are met: 1. The parts of a conforming-whole-being are in proper-conformity-as-individual-parts, and 2. Each Part of the each-conforming-whole-being is related to Each-Other-Part of the conforming-whole- being In-proper-Conformity as regards to Their- Respective-Relationships. These two Minimal-Conditions must be met within --- each person and within-each-community-of-each-person. In the absence of these two conditions being met --- conformists cannot be at-ease, secure or invulnerable to un-regulated-change. To insure that the above two conditions are met we must sacrifice the Rebellious-Concepts of: privacy, uniqueness, creativity, inter-dependence, independence, free-will, freedom, liberation --- for each such concept puts a Crack-in-the-Integrity of the Cosmic-Egg-Shell which holds the Cosmos-Together-as-a-Cosmic- Whole; according to the Will-of-God-The-Supreme-Dominator. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================