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%AVOID TRAGIC EXTREEMISTS RELIGIOUS POLITICAL GODS 040428 %RISK MANAGEMENT FUNDAMENTAL FEARS ATTITUDES BELIEF 040428 %MOTIVATIONS ASSUMPTIONS STANDARDS IDEAL FORMS SEX 040428 %SIMPLICITY UNIQUE CREATIVE AUTHORITY DOMINATION IT 040428 %CONCENTRATE FALLEN POWERS FORCES DEVIL CONFORMITY 040428 %DANGEROUS CONFLICT RECONCILIATION DIALOGUE INTIMAT 040428 To avoid going to the tragic extremes demonstrated by many religious/political extremists --- we need to work together to understand their most-fundamental: fears, attitudes, motivations, assumptions, beliefs, etc. as regards: 1. Universal-Standards viewed as Universal-Ideal- Forms for personal identities, roles, scripts, etc. 2. Simplicity which rules-out-individual uniqueness and creativity --- making the exercise of authority, domination and control easy/simple for domineering concentrators of power/authority. 3. The virtues-of-concentrating-powers so as to bring the Forces-of-Evil into conformity with The-Supreme- Good-Will --- working as It does to promote obedience, stability, conformity, traditions, propriety, and formalities --- As-Called-For by the Eternal-Presence- of-Ideal-Forms for each Mortal-Being-to-Conform-To. 4. The dangers of permitting the continued existence of Non-Standard/Conforming-Mortals who may be In-The-Service-of-The-Devil. 5. Setting priorities as regards which fears should Drive-Motivate-and-Direct all mortals' daily thoughts, behaviors and relationships. 6. Defining How-to-Know which mortals are EVIL by conforming to the Will-of-The-God-of-Evil; and which mortals are GOOD by conforming to the Will-of-The-God-of- Goodness. 7. The Eternal-Conflict between Good-People and Evil-People --- which will eventually result in the total destruction of Space-Ship-Earth and the "RAPTURE" of all GOOD-PEOPLE into the HEAVENLY-REALM created to be their REWARD for being GOOD-PEOPLE. To facilitate and promote both personal and communal integrities we need to understand the fearful ways in which fearful people are driven and motivated by their self-centered, ego-centric and narcissistic conceptions of what goes on AROUND-THEM as THE-CENTER-OF-THE-COSMOS. Such people lack integrity and are constantly contentious with each other as they try to be: dominant, in-control, in- power, certain, doubt-less, eternal, unchanging, not- growing, not-learning, KNOWING-WHO-IS-GOOD-AND-WHO-IS- EVIL. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================