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%IDENTIFY LABEL BLAME SHAME GUILT RESPONSIBLE ALIEN 040427 %ENEMY WAR TRAITOR MORE LESS WINNER LOSER COMPETION 040427 %AFFIRMATION WORDS ROLE MODEL PROMISE ACTION LOVERS 040427 %DENIGRATION WIDER SCOPE INTEGRITY INCLUSIVE REJECT 040427 %DEFENSIVE UNILAERAL DEMANDS COMMANDS PRESCRIPTIONS 040427 %ALLEGIANCE LOYALTY TRADITION LORD KING DICTATORS 040427 When we are seeking to identify who is significantly responsible for alienation, estrangement, excommunication, EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS, etc. --- the following questions are good questions to ask and talk about without biased pre-judgments leading the way: 1. Who-has-more and who-has-less: power, wealth, possessions, freedom, education, health-care, housing, clothing, alternatives, etc. 2. Whose affirmations, words, role-modeling, promises, actions, personal-characteristics and relational-characteristics demonstrate the greater and wider-scope-of integrity? 3. Who has been most vulnerable, defensive, unilateral, domineering, contentious, humble, generous, kind, and/or self-righteous? 4. Who has been the most indifferent to who is: vulnerable, poor, powerless, sick, homeless, hopeless, etc; and/or to their legitimate needs under international declarations of human rights. 5. Who has been demanding allegiance to them as domineering people --- and taking any refusal to obey them --- as signs of enmity, disloyalty, being-evil, etc. 6. Who has made and demonstrated balanced commitments to facilitate and promote both personal and communal kinds of integrities and integrations; doing all graciously, civility, honestly, authentically, etc. 7. Who seeks to transcend competitive, contentious, win/lose, coercive, violent, domineering and evil relationships --- wherein domineering people insist that others must join with them as participants within such alienative relationships. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================