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%SPIRITUAL POWERS GOOD DEVIL MAGICAL HOLY SACRED IT 040424 %I-THOU SCIENTIFIC SCHOLARLY UNDERSTAND REVERENCE 040424 %CONTROL NONCONFORMISTS RISKS MANAGEMENT DOMINATION 040424 %ARROGANCE HUMILITY SIMMPLICITY PATIENCE RIGHTEOUS 040424 %DANGEROUS IMPOSSIBLE VISION HOPE DESIRE GOAL RIGHT 040424 %COMPENSATE GREED LAZINESS INDOLENCE ADDICTS WARS 040424 Many people have become the victims of believing that both spiritual-powers-for-good and spiritual-powers-for-evil are in some profound sense magical; i.e., cannot be understood in any reliable way akin to scientific and scholarly understanding. Such people often do not make any clear distinctions between that which is "magical" and that which is "holy", "sacred" or worthy of "reverence". If simple people do not distinguish between water, alcohol, kerosene and gasoline, they will not do well in fighting fires! If simple people do not do well in recognizing the differences between arrogance, humility, simplicity, certainty, arrogance, domination, patience, and self-righteousness they will not do well in fighting "evil" within their own EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS. It is dangerous to be unable to detect the differences between what is "magical", "holy", "sacred" and/or worthy of reverence. Magicians present performances which make it look like they have done something which is beyond understanding, "magical". What seems to have happened seems to have been utterly impossible. Their presentations are sometimes based upon the use of mirrors, limited perspectives, special-equipment, unbelievable-speed, dexterity, and special other unusual skills. Some people come to believe that "all-things- imaginable" are possible; and that it is impossible to imagine anything that is really impossible. Yet it is possible to imagine many things which are utterly impossible: 1. Pushing planet Earth through the sun without destroying planet Earth. 2. Pushing planet Earth into orbit around the most distant star ever photographed. 3. Providing planet Earth with a coal supply which has a mass equal to ten times the mass of our sun --- so as to not run out of coal in the foreseeable future. 4. Taking ten percent of the water supply from planet Earth to planet Mars --- to create well watered lands upon which the excess population of planet Earth could live in comfort after a short trip to Mars. 5. Providing ten hours of lectures to every person on planet Earth and thereby get all people on earth to live in peace, tranquility and shalom. Human imagination can readily pass beyond the realms of possibility. What good does it do to imagine accomplishments which entail internal contradictions to and/or the radical departure from the universal patterns of behaviors of object as described by unimaginably reliable scientific laws and by reliably confirmed comprehensive theories of great integrity? What good is done by imagining that "others" can and will compensate for our greed, laziness, indolence, addictions, domination, arrogance, self-righteousness, violence, wars, etc? (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================