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%EVIL RELATIONSHIP TOLERANCE RESPECT HONOR SUPPORT 040426 %REVERENCE ALIENATIVE MANIPULATION DISHONESTY DEVIL 040426 %GOODNESS RIGHTEOUS SELF ARROGANCE COLLUSION FALLEN 040426 %CONCENTRATED POWERS FEARS THREATS PUNISHMENT ALONE 040426 %REPRESSION SUPPRESSION EXCLUSIVE ENTROPY CHAOS SEX 040426 %EXPONENTIAL AUGMENTATION GROWTH DECAY DISINTEGRATE 040426 A-personal-relationship is an EVIL-RELATIONSHIP only to the extent that the-personal-relationship demonstrates: tolerance, respect, honor, support and/or reverence toward ALIENATIVE: relational-characteristics, manipulative- means, regular-habits, dishonesty, secrecy, techniques, technologies, addictions, technocracies, collusions, fallen-powers-that-be including; ALIENATIVE: fears, threats, punishments, anxieties, inhibitions, repressions, intentions, desires, exclusivities, etc --- WHICH-AUGMENT: alienation, confusion, anger, revenge, sin, estrangement, communication-blockages, resentment, chaos, and other forms/patterns of RELATIONAL-ENTROPY. - - - - - - - - A Personal-Relationship is an EVIL-RELATIONSHIP only to the extent that the-personal-relationship demonstrates: intolerance, aversion, fear, suspicion, opposition and doubt toward INTEGRATIVE: Love, True-Lovers, Shalom, Peace, Intimacies, Peace- Makers, Reconciliations, Healings, Power-Sharing, Clarifications, Descriptions, Communications, Civility, Hospitality, Inclusivity, Welcomes, Generosity, Wealth- Sharing, Cooperation, Collaboration; Trust, Mutuality, Liberations, and Balance. A Personal-Relationship is UNFORGIVABLE only to the extent that it REJECTS-FORGIVENESS by refusing to let-go- of whatever-makes-it an EVIL-RELATIONSHIP and so blocks the Integrative-Works of Love and Holy Spirits. Personal and Communal Integrities/Integrations are unavoidably-interdependent. Isolated-Individuals cannot enjoy high levels of PERSONAL integrity in the absence of a community which is supportive --- with a high level of COMMUNAL integrity. Isolated-Communities cannot enjoy high levels of COMMUNAL integrity in the absence of other communities and their participants who are in parallel ways enjoying high levels of COMMUNAL and PERSONAL integrities and integrations. It is difficult for individuals and/or communities to enjoy high levels of integrity --- in the presence of other individuals and/or communities which are NOT enjoying high levels of PERSONAL and/or COMMUNAL integrities. In this context here it may be helpful to review the statements with which this essay opened. The English words which appear in the opening TITLE LINES of this essay point to realities which are essential to our understanding of the essential foundations for personal and communal integrities and integrations. Those same realities can be pointed to without the use of any of the English words which appeared above in the opening TITLE LINES. Other languages than English may be used to point to the same realities; including non-Western-non-Romance- Languages of the Middle-East, The-Far-East, and of the natives from near to and south of the equator, and of the far north and far south. A contentious debate over which particular words must be included and/or excluded, will not be helpful. Gracious dialogue about which commonly apprehended realities need to be pointed to as essential foundations for our personal and communal integrities and integrations --- will probably be helpful to people who are interested in engaging in such dialogue; but not to those who are still fearfully/aversive thereto. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================