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%PERSONAL COMMUNAL INTEGRITY INTERDEPENDENCE WHOLE 040424 %ANALYSES COMMITTMENTS EDUCATION CARRY-THROUGH EVIL 040424 %SIMPLE CONFORMITY STATIC PATTERNS ASSUMPTIONS GOOD 040424 %BELIEF ATTITUDE THOUGHT REASON TALK DIALOGUE FALL 040424 %INCLUSIVE EXCLUSIVE ALIENATION EXCOMMUNICATION SIN 040424 %INFORMAL QUALITIES CHARACTERISTICS RELATIONSHIPS 040424 The integrity of each community depends upon the integrity of each and every member of the community --- AND the integrity of each and every member of the community depends upon the integrity of the community as a whole. IT FOLLOWS FROM THE ABOVE: That it will be in the long-term-overall best interest of each member/group within a community to focus upon ANALYSES, COMMITTMENTS, EDUCATION, CARRY-THROUGH and retrospective evaluations which are designed to promote and facilitate each of the following: 1. Understandings of the essential-foundations-for- both-personal-and-communal-integrity --- entailing more than simple-conformity to any static-pattern of: assumptions, beliefs, attitudes, thought, reasoning, talk, appearances, behaviors, traditions, taboos, mandates, commandments, prescriptions, proscriptions, etc. 2. Cooperative and well-integrated: governmental, business/corporate, foundation, religious and other communal-programs of research-and-liberating-education which are supportive of the above. 3. Regular attention to the QUALITIES of evolving formal-and-informal RELATIONSHIPS between/among members of each community and between/among identifiable subsidiary- communities; both formal-and-informal --- with careful attention being given to the QUALITIES of the COMMUNICATIONS and COMMUNICATION-CHANNELS which ARE and/or ARE-NOT functioning in healthy and/or unhealthy --- honest and/or dishonest ways. 4. Regular gracious-and-reconciling attention to instances of: alienation, coercion, domination, abuse, hurt, estrangement, anger, revenge, excommunication, contentiousness, domination, power-corruption, etc. 5. Systems-analyses designed to identify and truly- resolve conflicts between/among the operative: ideals, values, principles, goals, ends, means, motivations, intentions, etc. --- of each community and its members. 6. Programs to help all members of each community to transcend the exclusivity/biases of each: group, coalition, political-party, discipline, paradigm, religious-group, professional- group, academic-discipline, school-of-thought, etc. Be-aware-of and beware the ABSENCE of any of the above; as such an ABSENCE is dangerous-in-the-long-term! Shalom! (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================