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%DIFFERENT FRAMES QUESTIONS AFFIRMATIONS STATEMENTS 040423 %LAWS COMMANDMENTS SUGGESTIONS PRESCRIPTION GUIDED 040423 %MAGIC HOLY SACRED PRAYER MEDITATE HONEST DIALOGUE 040423 %POINT COMPLEMENTARY TRUTHS CONTEXTUAL MEANING GOD 040423 %WORTHY HONOR RESPECT REVERENCE SITUATION ETHICS 040423 %GOOD DEVILS CONFORM REBELLION DOMINATION CHAOS SIN 040423 There are many different ways of framing: questions, affirmations, statements, laws, commandments, suggestions, prescriptions, proscriptions, descriptions, guidance, boundaries, theories, governance, etc. We need to learn how to recognize which of them is: 1. Which kind of way; 2. Reliable and worthy of respect, trust, honor; 3. Misleading, pretentious, unreliable, suspicious; 4. Presented and/or appearing to be what it is not; 5. Lacking in internal integrity and/or coherence; 6. Inconsistent with that which is reliable; 7. Magical-deception appearing to be real/honest; 8. Likely to undermine personal/communal integrity; 9. Pointing toward truths, but not literally true; 10. Literally-true but misleading &/or not helpful; 11. True/helpful in only some contexts, but not all; 12. Understood differently by different people; 13. Being used and/or abused by misguided people; 14. Rarely worthy of honor within any context; 15. Worthy of honor within appropriate contexts; 16. Worthy of reverence within most contexts; 16. Easily mis-understood/mis-interpreted; 17. Inherently/essentially good and/or evil; 18. Incapable of being essentially good or evil; 19. Inappropriate as an object of worship/reverence; 20. A-cause-of or just associated-with some outcome; 21. A creation of humans or a transcendent creation; 22. An eternal/unchanging reality or a passing one; 23. Likely to lead to tragedies or to integrities; 24. Without merit and/or meaningless; 25. Not worthy of much human attention at any time; 26. Worthy of far more attention that it is getting; 27. In need of being presented in more helpful ways; 28. Ignored because it embarrasses powerful people; 29. Valid, but presented by discredited people; 30. In-valid, but presented by domineering people. 31. In need of clarification and/or integrations. 32. Denigrated by disintegrative people/groups. 33. Not understandable within our current contexts. 34. Not sensible within our current contexts. 35. Reflexive and free of misleading bias. 36. Objective and misleading to many people. 37. Subjective and worthy of much thought/attention. 38. A threat to the disintegrative Powers-That-Be. 39. A reliable foundation for many integrities. 40. Confusing many issues and conflicts. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================