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%IGNORE EXCLUDE DENIGRATE ATTACK NEGLECT RELATIONS 040423 %HEALTHY INTEGRATIVE NEEDS DESIRES WISHES NEEDS GOD 040423 %IDOLATRY HOPES ASPIRATIONS DOMINATION SYSTEM DEVIL 040423 %HIGHER POWER PRIORITY IDEAL VALUE PRINCIPLE AUTHOR 040423 %SCRIPTURE HOLY SACRED COMMANDMENTS PRESCIRIPTIONS 040423 %ESTRANGEMENT EXCOMMUNICATION REVENGE ANGER GREEDY 040423 Relationships between among people cannot be healthy and integrative relationships --- if the needs, desires, wishes, hopes, and aspirations of some of the people are systematically ignored, denigrated, trumped by dominant other people who claim that they speak for some higher power, priority, ideal, value, principle, etc. --- which is indifferent to those people who are systematically ignored, denigrated, trumped and dominated. The tragic fruits of evil-relationships charac- terized by alienation, distrust, suspicion, broken- communications, resentment, estrangement, etc. --- pass judgment upon the claims and practices of domineering people who engender evil-relationships. The tragic and bitter fruits of evil-relationships are authoritative grounds for withholding support, respect, honor, tolerance and reverence --- no matter how concentrated and corrupted may be the power of the domineering leaders who occasion the evil-relationships. Domineering/authoritative people occasion evil- relationships to-the-extent-that they ignore/exclude gracious and kind considerations of: 1. People who are poor, powerless, vulnerable, etc. 2. Complementary people, ideals, values, goals, etc. 3. The consequences of their own thoughts and actions. 4. The consequences of other's tragic patterns of action. 5. The importance of personal and communal integrity. 6. Multiple forms of integrations and integrities. 7. Integrities which are not based upon conformity. 8. How integrities depend upon the works of True-Lovers. 9. The disintegrative consequences of collusions. 10. The disintegrative consequences of addictions. Beware of exclusive people and organizations that behave in ways suggested above. Beware of people who are focusing only upon what they ostensibly affirm in verbal statements; while ignoring what they affirm in their behavioral-statements which include their behaviors of exclusion and neglect; if not outright attack, denigration, and/or destruction. Seek to discern their real goals, motivations, intentions, desires, etc. --- by how they behave and what/whom they exclude in various arrogant and self-righteous ways. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================