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%COOPERATE COLABORATE DIFFERENT PERSON RISK EVIL 040423 %MANAGEMENT FACTORS INVULNERABLE SECURITY DANGEROUS 040423 %INDIVIDUAL PERSON COMMUNAL CONSEQUENCE AVOID GOODS 040423 %FAILURE EMBARRASSMENT PREVENT TAKE CHARGE CONTROLS 040423 %OBJECTIVE REFLEXIVE SUBJECTIVE REALMS UNDERSTAND 040423 %PRIORITY SANCTUARY SALVATION GOD DOMINATION SYSTEM 040423 How well we can cooperate with each other different person in risk-management-strategies --- depends greatly upon the following kinds of factors; plus many other factors which are not articulated below: 1. What each person perceives to be the greatest and/or most dangerous risks. 2. What each person perceives to be risks which can be managed only by totally avoiding the taking of the risks and experiencing temptations therein. 3. What each person perceives to be the consequences of failing to avoid the risks and/or failing to prevent the negative consequences of failure in risk management in regards to each major risk and temptation. 4. Agreeing upon what the major negative consequences will be --- of a failure in risk management in regard to each particular risk. 5. Which risks must-not-be-talked-about because talking-about-the-risks entails taking-the-risks in the absence of adequate-risk-management-efforts to prevent/ control the-terrible-consequences which-cannot-ever-be- safely-talked-about --- for there are-now-and-can- never-be safe-sanctuaries-within-which-to-talk-about-such- unthinkable-risks and temptations. 6. The presence or absence of Well-Integrated- Leaders who have recognized Disintegrative-Taboos and are ready, willing and able to envision-and-talk about which Traditionally-Taboo-Risks are thoughtlessly so- defined by: Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception, The-Fallen-Powers-That-Be, Addictive-Organizations-and- Religions, Excessively-Strong-Concentrations-of-Powers & Coalitions, etc. 7. The presence of Well-Integrated-Leaders-in- Exploration within New-Regions-of-Risk-Management- Strategies --- as there have been Leaders-in-New-Regions- of-Space-ship-Earth's: surface, atmosphere, hydrosphere, ionosphere, and astronomical environments; e.g., Columbus and those who followed his Well-Informed-but-Risky- Explorations. 8. The Wise-and-Prudent-Networking of the above suggested Well-Integrated-Leaders and their potential disciples; e.g. Jesus and his female and male disciples. 9. The recognition of and talk about the tragic futility of the leadership of Domineering-Leaders who are preoccupied with: domination, controls, risk-avoidance, evil-individuals, temptations, good-individuals, exclusivity, risk-prevention, purifications, perfectionism, conformity, unifications, unity, judgmentalism, self-righteousness, pretentiousness, etc. 10. The transcendence of compulsive preoccupations with the literal existence of and nature-of-God as a person who exists within and/or acts within the Four- Dimensional-Time-Space-Continuum that is described with integrity and accuracy by the well confirmed laws and theories of modern: astronomy, cosmology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, etc. --- which are well integrated by large numbers of thoughtful participants in well-integrated and become well-informed international communities. 11. The gracious and unbiased integration of the objective and mathematical sciences so that they become well integrated with the realms of reflexive- relationships, personal-integrations, communal- integrations and trans-disciplinary-integrations. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================