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%TRUE-LOVERS FREEDOM LIBERATION WILLING SARE SELF 040411 %GENEROSITY HOSPITALITY OPEN HONEST DIALOGUE PREACH 040411 %RELIGIOUS INHIBITION REPRESSION CRUSADES DOMINATED 040411 %GOD CREATED GOOD DEVILS TREE KNOWLEDGE SEXUALITY 040411 %DOMINATION SYSTEM REVEALING EXPERIENCE DESCRIPTION 040411 %SELF AUGMENTATION POWER CONCENTRATION CORRUPTIONS 040411 True-Lovers are free, able and willing to share with each other their own personal experiences within their mutually satisfying intimate relationships. Domineering-people are NOT free, able or willing to share with each other any personal experiences within any mutually satisfying intimate relationships --- because domineering-people have no such intimate personal experiences. For Domineering-people to engage in truly intimate personal experiences --- is taboo. "The- Domination-System" forbids such engagements. Only traitors to "The Domination System" engage in such revealing experiences; e.g., "True-Lovers". The Most-Creative-Integrative-Power-Lover has NOT created, appointed or authorized any lesser powers --- e.g. domineering-people --- to attack, denigrate, ridicule, arrest, arraign, charge, find-guilty, label or punish any persons --- e.g., "True-Lovers" --- for sharing with others their own experiments/experiences of being in Love. "The-Domination-System" is NOT authorized by the Most-Creative-Integrative-Power-Lover --- to Augment- Itself, to Protect-Itself or to Survive at the expense of vulnerable people. The unilateral/un-restrained concentration of powers and wealth --- by the already powerful and wealthy --- at the expense of the poor, hungry, thirsty, sick, imprisoned, powerless and vulnerable --- is NOT the Will-of-The-Most-Creative- Integrative-Power-Lover. Be-aware and beware of domineering idolaters who pretentiously act otherwise. True-Lovers recognize, name, and describe their experiences of such fallen/corrupted concentrations of power within EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================