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%REFLEXIVE CONSIDERATIONS ESSENTIAL FOUNDATIONS GOD 040412 %PERSONAL COMMUNAL INTEGRITIES INTEGRATIONS DEVILS 040412 %INTIMATE SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS OBJECTIVE SUBJECTIVE 040412 %DREAMS DESIRES FANTASIES TEMPTATIONS YIELDING SINS 040412 %PRESCRIBE DESCRIBE PROSCRIBE AVOID DANGER RISKY IT 040412 %I-THOU CREATIONS DIFFERENCES CONFLICT RESOLUTION 040412 REFLEXIVE-CONSIDERATIONS are central to and essential in any process of clarifying what kinds of RELATIONSHIPS are "evil", and what kinds of RELATIONSHIPS are "good". So also with what kinds of REALITIES are "evil" and what kinds of REALITIES are "good"; and so also with regard to what kinds of REALITIES can-be "essentially-evil" and/or can-be "essentially-good"; and with regard to whether they were/are CREATED AS-SUCH or HAVE-BECOME "evil" and/or "good". The implications of what people say about the above considerations depend greatly upon whether the people who say something about the above kinds of considerations are: kind, gracious, hospitable, generous, reconcilers, peacemakers, etc.; or are: un-kind, mean, terrorists, coercive, domineering, militarists, etc. The relevance/importance of what people say about the above considerations depends greatly upon whether they are unilaterally: talking, preaching, lecturing --- AND/OR are in open and honest dialogue about their own and/or others': 1. Objective relationships between/among IN-animate OBJECTS. 2. Objective relationships between/among ANIMATE BEINGS. 3. Objective relationships between/among themselves. 4. Reflexive relationships between/among themselves. 5. Subjective relationships between/among themselves. 6. Intimate relationships between/among themselves. 7. Sexual relationships between/among themselves. 8. Prescribed relationships between/among themselves. 9. Proscribed relationships between/among themselves. 10. Taboo relationships between/among themselves/others. The above kinds of discussions/relationships between/among people become especially problematic and/or dilemmatic when they make tacit, indirect; overt and/or covert references to sexual: dreams, visions, fantasies, hopes, desires, expectations, repressions, images, literature, pornography, education, instructions, prohibitions, prescriptions, proscriptions, taboos, etc. It often becomes difficult to be precise/clear --- about "exactly" what it is --- that is: forbidden, prohibited, prescribed, taboo, punishable, evil, good, desired, dangerous, avoidable, un-avoidable, etc. --- because precision and clarity are themselves: forbidden, prohibited, prescribed, taboo, punishable, dangerous, avoidable, etc. by "The Domination System" which must NOT be talked about! Domineering people often confuse dilemmas with problems and respond to dilemmas in technocratic ways in efforts to "solve" a dilemma unilaterally --- as does a technician who is an expert in solving problems for other people. Dilemmas belong to the people who are embedded in the dilemmas --- and so the resolutions of the ideological conflicts which are central to dilemmas --- are reflexive resolutions; not unilateral and/or technological resolutions. Thus the dilemmas of intimate/sexual relationships cannot be resolved by resorting to the unilateral generation/ imposition/enforcement of technical: rules, laws, commandments, prescriptions, formalities, proscriptions, proprieties, conventions, traditions, demands, etc. It is not just excessively risky sexual-intimacies which threaten "The Domination System". All kinds of true and honest intimacies of "True-Lovers" threaten "The Domination System". Honesty threatens "The Domination System". Authenticity threatens "The Domination System". Hospitality threatens "The Domination System". Reconciliation threatens "The Domination System". Creativity threatens "The Domination System". Clarity threatens "The Domination System". Be-aware and beware-of "The Domination System" and of its repressions of all true knowledge of the evil-relationships engendered by "The Domination System"! All forms of open and honest dialogue about the above considerations encourage participants to take the risks involved in becoming more involved in open and honest dialogue --- which undermines the "Fallen Powers That Be" (Walter Wink) of "The Domination System" --- which is grimly dedicated to unilateral efforts to "Be-In-Control" of "Self-And-Other" in playing collusive games of mutual self deception (R. D. Laing). Clarity of descriptions regarding True-Lovers' reflexive relationships and wise risk-management patterns are NOT "The-Order-Of-The-Day" of "The Domination System". Clear and honest descriptions are taboo because they undermine the concentrated/fallen/corrupted Powers-That-Be dedicated to domination and control through coercions and violence. Objective-discussions of human sexuality in-general are far less likely to lead toward intimate personal sexual relationships than are reflexive-discussions of our-own sexual: dreams, visions, fantasies, hopes, aspirations, desires, intensions, etc. Purely-objective- discussions cannot include reflexive-discussions with others about our own sexual experiences, experiments and relationships --- because such inclusions would move us into the realm of reflexive-discussions which are not objective. Reflexive-discussions with others about our own sexual experiences, experiments and relationships --- open up the possibilities of us moving toward intimate/sexual relationships with those who are involved in such discussions --- in ways which are not purely-objective. Neither objective-discussions nor reflexive- discussions can transcend all forms of bias. Such discussions are complementary to each other and cannot be helpfully regarded as always exclusive of each other. At any one moment they are somewhat like the mutually complementary considerations of the linear-momentum and linear-position of a particle; the angular-momentum and the angular-position of a rotating object or the energy- state and time-of-determination-of-the-energy-state of a system which can be in different energy-states --- as described by the Heisenberg-Uncertainty-Principle. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================