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%HEALTHY NATURAL GROWTH CHANGE EVOLUTION PERSONS 040401 %RELATIONSHIPS BEING WHOLE WELL INTEGRATED COHERENT 040401 %DYING PRESERVE PREVENT PARTICIPANTS CREATIVITY SEX 040401 %INTIMACY OPENNESS HONESTY LIBERATION HEALING GOODS 040401 %STAGNATION RIGIDITY OWN CONTROL DOMINATE SYSTEMS 040401 %RECOGNIZE NAME DESCRIBE EVIL RELATIONSHIPS FROZEN 040401 Healthy people are growing/changing within growing/changing relationships. People who are NOT growing/changing within growing/changing relationships are NOT healthy. Growth and change are parts of being healthy. Stagnation and rigidity are parts of dying. We cannot preserve a good/healthy relationship by preventing change/growth within the relationship and/or by preventing change/growth within the participants within the relationship. Neither people nor relationships between/among people can be owned/controlled by any person or group. Any person or group which presumes to own/control any person or relationships is dysfunctional, unhealthy and/or alienative --- thereby contributing the evolution of evil-relationships. The evolution of evil-relationships is a form of change; but it is not helpful to call it a form of growth, because it is a form of decay/disintegration. Attempts to own/control/prevent-change in people/relationships --- lead to tragic change, decay and/or disintegration. Such attempts fail in tragic ways. Such tragic failures cannot be prevented through the use of more resources, more-power or more techniques/technologies. We can avoid creating such tragic failures by cooperatively recognizing, naming, describing and dealing honestly with the realities of real healthy living pointed to above. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================