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%PHYSICISTS ACCURATE DESCRIPTIONS PREDICTIONS CAUSE 040401 %EXPERIMENTAL EXPERIENCES PROCEDURES RRELATIONSHIPS 040401 %OBJECTIVE REFLEXIVE SUBJECTIVE WILLS DESIRES NEEDS 040401 %INTENTIONS HOPES EXPECTATIONS FEARS ANXIETIES GODS 040401 %TRAGIC IDEALISM TENACITY DETERMINATION SACRIFICE 040401 %CHAOS ENTROPY THIRD LAW THERMODYNAMICS IMPOSSIBLE 040401 Many modern-successes are founded-upon physicists' having learned how to accurately describe and predict the consequences of experimental procedures and relationships among will-less objects; i.e., within the objective-realm. Physics as a professional discipline does NOT focus upon people's: will, desires, needs, intentions, hopes, expectations, fears, anxieties --- realities upon which people reflect-reflexively. Many modern-tragedies are rooted in people's failures to learn how to graciously describe and predict consequences of experimental procedures-and-relationships among will-full people; i.e., within the reflexive- realm. Tragedies as-such are not the focus of any well developed professional discipline. The natures and roots of tragedies as such are not clearly/frequently described and predicted in the light of the past experiences of people who have thoughtfully reflect back upon how and why tragic experiences have occurred within their own personal and reflexive relationships. Tragic experiences always occur within personal relationships, not within the realm of purely objective relationships among will-less objects. Tragedies are born in will-full futile-efforts to avoid tragedies. Tragedies are born in idealistic-efforts to be-in- control of objective-cause-and-effect processes --- without understanding the reflexive-realms-of-inhumane and humane-reflexive-relationships. Within the objective-realms the Third-Law-of- Thermodynamics accurately and reliably describes how it is that all-objective-processes generate no less than zero additional entropy; e.g., "garbage", "confusion", "uncertainty", "mix-ups", "chaos", "heat", "frictional- effects". All non-reversible-objective-processes generate at-least-some new additional entropy within their near-by environment. Perhaps within the reflexive-realms there is some not-yet-clearly-described Third-Law-of-Reflexive-Relations pertaining to the generation of additional EVIL- RELATIONSHIPS when people try-to-succeed-at-minimal-cost- to-themselves; shifting-the-costs to others-who-do-not- count; e.g., who are "not-perfect", "not-human", "not- righteous", "evil", "less", "immoral", etc. Tragedies occur when people try to shift-the-costs to others who are "better-suited-by-experience" to "bearing-the-costs". They know how to "bear-the-costs" because they have often "born-the-costs". This philosophy engenders tragedies. Domineering people often live by this philosophy in very "idealistic" ways which are designed to promote the welfare of the idealistic-domineering-people, at the expense of "different-people" who are not-respected by the idealistic-domineering-people. Many dysfunctional people are addicted idealistic-domineering-people who refuse to let go of their alienative/exclusive ideals/idealism. They worship self-centered ideals. They are not cooperating on improving humane relationships through: civility, grace, generosity, reconciliation, hospitality, openness, love, forgiveness, peace-making, healing, sharing, collaboration, patience, sympathy, empathy, etc. They do not keep in mind the essential-foundations of both personal and communal integrities. Such people insist that their lives must be simple; free of complexity --- at other-people's-cost. They live tragic lives and generate much reflexive entropy, chaos, misunderstanding, alienation, ignorance, etc. They need to graciously attend to how True-Lovers lead their lives and relation- ships in Love. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================