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%GOD'S WILL PLEASURE KNOWLEDGE AWARENESS NATURE 040401 %GOOD DEVILS PEOPLES CAUSE EFFECT EXPECTATIONS TREE 040401 %DISPLEASING HEAVEN HELL ULTIMATE TRUST CONCERN SEX 040401 %FOOLS ARROGANT IDOLATROUS RELIGIOUS LEADER CLAIMS 040401 %SCIENTIFIC DESCRIPTIONS THEORIES LAWS PROBABILITY 040401 There are some probable-tragic-consequences of insisting that there are some things which it will be good-for-people-to-do --- because they will be pleasing to God --- even if no people ever know about those things-which-are-done and no people ever-benefit-in-any-way from those-things-being-done. The above is true because of the following: 1. There is no reliable way of knowing just what will be pleasing to God, and what will be displeasing to God. It is arrogant for any person to presume to know that much about God, and it is idolatrous to put ultimate trust/concern in any means for knowing that much about God. 2. Only fools will trust arrogant/idolatrous religious leaders who are presumptuous in claiming that they know what God's Will is. Concentrating power into the hands of such leaders and fools who support them --- will lead to tragic consequences for all who are involved directly and/or indirectly. 3. Accepting the original premise above --- will lead to people being willing to disconnect themselves from their own experiences, observations, and discernments of the consequences of their decisions, thoughts and actions. Being so disconnected makes the thus alienated persons vulnerable to domination by: Faithful-Servants of The-Domination-System, The-Fallen- Powers-That-Be, The-Addictive-Organization, and Lords- Playing-Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception with their disciples. The disconnected people will become increasingly unable to learn from their own experiences --- and so become increasingly vulnerable to domination, etc. Responding to domination with efforts to be dominant will not make you more secure --- and certainly being dominant will not make you invulnerable. Think! Be aware and beware! 4. Thoughtlessly trusting that "God-will-provide" and "God-will-solve-your-problems" and "God-will-resolve- your-dilemmas" is likely to lead to being irresponsible in failing to take care of yourself and being irresponsible in failing to take care of those who are dependent upon you. God is not responsible for taking care of competent people who fail to take care of themselves and their dependents! Nobody gave God that responsibility! Beware of believing that domineering people gave God that responsibility! What kind of "god" would accept such an assignment? Beware of domineering religious leaders who implicitly say that they have given to God the responsibility for taking care of your heart, mind, body and soul! (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================