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%GOD TALK THEOLOGY BEING ENTITY SPACE-TIME COSMOS 040304 %THINGS OBJECTS I-THOU I-IT RELATIONSHIP TRUE-LOVER 040304 %FAR AWAY HEAVEN PLANETS STAR GALAXIES ASTRONOMY GO 040304 %DISTANT DETACHED DISINTEGRATE INCOHERENT SPIRITUAL 040304 %NATURES CHARACTERISTICS HONESTY INTIMACY REVERENCE 040304 %RESPECT TRUST INVULNERABILE SAFETY DECEPTION EVIL 040304 If we formulate our questions about God as a being/entity among beings/entities within the space-time of the cosmos, THEN: 1. We are tragically MIS-LED AWAY-FROM focusing upon the natures/characteristics of our own personal RELATIONSHIPS: honesty, intimacy, trust, respect, integrity, health, reconciliation, healing, sanctuaries offering safe vulnerability; OR deception, attacks, suspicion, denigrations, contentiousness, dis-ease, alienation, decay, battle-fields, fearful-vulnerability, etc. Power corrupts, and absolute (unrestrained) concentrated-power corrupts absolutely. Any ULTIMATE being/entity in which ULTIMATE POWER IS CONCENTRATED --- is naturally expected to be ultimately corrupt as are absolute/unrestrained: dictators, emperors, kings, lords, tyrants, addicts, etc. 2. We are diverted into focusing upon: concentrating-power, forming-coalitions, evil-individuals, conformity, good-individuals, superior-individuals, purity, rights, labeling, ideal-forms, enemies/friends, domination and/or control of enemies/friends, contests, contentiousness, competitions, endless-conflicts, battles, attacks, defenses, security-as-invulnerability, technocratic-means-to-salvation/security, etc. - - - - - - - - - - - - If we formulate our questions about God as the power of the inspiration and creation of many diverse forms of: beings, things, relationships, integrities, integrations, health, friendships, intimate-relationships, intimate- communities, honesty, open-and-honest-dialogue/sharing, love, True-Lovers, reconciliation, peace-making, etc.; THEN: 1. We are led to RECOGNIZE AND ACKNOWLEDGE the ways in which our OWN things and relationships are characterized by: disintegrations, decay, destruction, dis-ease, diseases, enmity, anxiety, fears, distrust, armies, attacks, demands, commandments, prescriptions, proscriptions, taboos, hate, excommunications, war- preparations, war-making, revenge, terrorism, etc. --- and to act wisely/prudently in the LIGHT of such RECOGNITIONS and ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. 2. We are led to facilitate and promote many kinds of healthy: relationships, integrities, integrations, friendships, intimacies, honesty, openness, dialogue, sharing, love, reconciliation, peace-making, etc. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================