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%DIFFERENT COMMUNITIES INDIVIDUALS CONCEIVE DEFINE 040306 %FREEDOM RESPONSIBILITY ROLE CREATIVITY IMAGINATION 040306 %LIBERATION SPONTANEITY DREAMS TRADITIONS RITUALS 040306 %SCRIPTS SCRIPTURES FORMALITIES POLITY COMPETITION 040306 %COOPERATION COLABORATION TEAMWORK LOYALTY RESPECT 040306 %HOLY SACRED IDOLATRY COLLUSIONS DOMINATION SYSTEMS 040306 Different communities and individuals conceive, conceive of, and define personal and communal integrities in different ways --- with different kinds/levels of emphasis placed upon aspects such as: 1. Individual freedoms/responsibilities/roles. 2. Communal freedoms/responsibilities/roles. 3. Creativity, imagination, spontaneity and dreams. 4. Traditions, rituals, scripts, formalities, polity. 5. Competition, cooperation, collaboration, teamwork. 6. Loyalty, hierarchies, friendships, favors, duties. 7. Honor, respect, propriety, conformity, reverence. 8. Holy, sacred, transcendent, heavenly, ultimacies. 9. Secular, practical, utilitarian, profane, evil. 10. Perfection, purity, ideal-forms, righteousness. Needless-to-say each of the above aspects interacts with each-other-aspect and with many aspects-not-named- above. Different people are most-keenly-aware-of different-aspects and of different-patterns-of- interaction; and accordingly set priorities differently. Inevitably different people find themselves in conflict with each other in various ways; and try to "resolve" their conflicts with different kinds/levels of cooperation, collaboration, contentiousness, domination and damnation. People differ in keeping with their different: ideals, values, principles, myths, cosmologies, parables, stories, rituals, scripts, and scriptures which they focus upon most intently and intentionally; and depending upon what they neglect, ignore, repress and suppress. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================