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%EXPOSE NAME DESCRIBE UNDERSTAND DISINEGRATION LOVE 040302 %CYCLE VIOLENCE COERCION DISHONESTY DOMINATION EVIL 040302 %GOD TALK THEOLOGY VALUE NEUTRAL SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY 040302 %THINK TALK DIALOGUE SANCTUARY SAFE VULNERABLE SEX 040302 %FEEL DESIRE LIVED POOR HUNGRY NAKED HOMELESS POWER 040302 %FALLEN BEING COLLUSIVE GAME SELF DECEPTION CORRUPT 040302 We need to expose, name and understand how it is that we are disintegrated by cycles-of-violence, cycles-of- coercion, cycles-of-dishonesty, cycles-of-domination, etc. because violence, coercion, dishonesty, etc. --- elicit more of the same in exponential-feed-back-loops. We need to expose how the use/abuse of God-Talk (theology) has generated cycles-of-violence, cycles-of- coercion, cycles-of-dishonesty, cycles-of-domination, etc. God-Talk (theology) is NOT-VALUE-NEUTRAL any more than SCIENCE-IS-VALUE-NEUTRAL or TECHNOLOGY-IS-VALUE-NEUTRAL. Theology and science can be value-neutral only when theologians and scientists are themselves value-neutral; never. People are not value-neutral beings. How people think, feel, talk and behave is always loaded with value- assumptions, value-beliefs, value-affirmations. To claim to be value-neutral is itself an affirmation of a value. Efforts to create/maintain only one's own kind of integrity and survive are not value-neutral efforts. Neglecting to seek to create/maintain any kind of personal/communal integrity is not a value-neutral way-of- death or "life". One cannot "live" in a value-neutral-way or life- style. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================