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%EXPECTATIONS ATTITUDES FEARS DEMANDS MISLEADING 040302 %TRAGIC PATTERNS THINKING BELIEF CONVICTIONS IDEALS 040302 %INNOCENT GUILTY BEHAVIOR NARCISSISM SELFISH DEVILS 040302 %EGOCENTRIC IMMATURE MISINFORMED IGNORANT SPACE GOD 040302 %SHIP PLANET EARTH DISPARITIES PASSENGERS JOURNEY 040302 %RELATIONSHIPS AVOID TRANSCEND CAUSES CONSEQUENCES 040302 Our expectations/attitudes can mislead us into tragic patterns of behavior. Not all expectations are innocent! Many of the tragic aspects of narcissism, selfishness and egocentrism are rooted in immature, uninformed and dysfunctional expectations and/or attitudes. What we expect depends upon what we believe and assume. Is it our right to have and own and control 100 times as many goods, servants and possessions as many of our neighbors within Space-Ship-Earth? Such disparities lead inevitably to EVIL-RELATIONSHIPS among the passengers in Space-Ship-Earth! Wise and prudent passengers in Space-Ship-Earth in its journey through Space-Time carefully avoid/transcend such disparities in wealth --- in order to avoid the tragic consequences of EVIL- HUMAN-RELATIONSHIPS. To avoid the tragic consequences of EVIL-HUMAN- RELATIONSHIPS we must engage in thoughtful Systems- Analysis of the origins/foundations of EVIL-HUMAN- RELATIONSHIPS --- in contrast to the essential foundations of personal and communal integrities and integrations. What we expect --- often flows from what: we DO know, and from what we DO NOT know; we are ignorant about, and where we are confused; our prejudices are, and with whom we are familiar; kinds of intimacies we do, and/or DO NOT enjoy; we can be honest about, and our collusive games; we desire selfishly, and what we share graciously; we clutch, and what we graciously let-go; embarrasses us, and what blocks our dialogue; we most fear, and what we most desire. Expectations are intimately and inevitably wrapped up together with all of the above aspects of our lives together; even when we try to unwrap our lives and live in glorious-isolation, self-righteousness and arrogance. If we expect otherwise --- we live tragic and meaningless lives of communal and personal dis-integration. Beware of what you and others expect because of all of our unwise and imprudent human: ignorance, confusion, prejudices, dis-honesty, collusions, addictions, greed, fears and desires. We need to take care about how we set our personal priorities because of our expectations, beliefs and convictions. Self-confidence and certainty in our expectations --- often leads us into tragic consequences which we fail to expect --- because of our EVIL-HUMAN- RELATIONSHIPS which we generate by creating and maintaining our favorite forms of: ignorance, confusion, prejudice, dis-honesty, collusions, addictions, greed, fears and desires --- in "glorious" isolation and alienation. Beware of what you and others thoughtlessly EXPECT. Think honestly and carefully about expectations! (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================