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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %SAVE THEORY DATA HYPOTHESIS BELIEF CONVICTION SIN+950225 %DOCTRINE SCRIPTURES DEVIL CHURCH ORGANIZATION FAIL 950225 In the objective quantitative natural sciences it is common to work to get theoretical structures and experimental data to be consistent with each other. When consistency is not present, efforts are made to adjust the theoretical structures and/or the data to achieve consistency. Hypotheses are modified, made more sophisticated, simplified, discarded, etc. Data is analyzed, mathematically transformed to "equivalent" representations, and screened for anomalous bits of data due to mistakes or malfunctioning equipment. The goal is to achieve consistency between the ultimate theory and the objective data. Theoretical and experimental "filters" are operative so unsatisfactory hypotheses and data are "filtered" out and excluded for sustained consideration. It is generally recognized by practicing quantitative scientists that it is normal to encounter "mistakes", recognize them, and exclude them for sustained consideration. We encounter some very significant difficulties when we attempt to transfer the OBJECTIVE paradigm of the natural sciences into the REFLEXIVE realms of seeking to UNDERSTAND, MANIPULATE AND CONTROL: human thoughts, feelings, desires, experiences, perceptions, beliefs and convictions. The OBJECTIVE PARADIGM is characterized by how it places great value and emphasis upon detachment, enumeration, measurement, manipulations, controls, computations, mathematics, statistics, consensus, etc. The scientists who are engaged in trying to transfer the OBJECTIVE paradigm of the natural sciences into REFLEXIVE realms rarely are fully aware of how their own thoughts, feelings, desires, experiences, perceptions, beliefs and convictions are influenced by their own tacit reflections upon their own possibilities of success or failure, honor or dishonor, acceptance or rejection, fellowship or alienation, integration or disintegration. In the reflexive realms of consideration the processes which often occur in trying to achieve coherence between theories and data---are processes which are far more likely to entail excessive selectivity, exclusivity, and outright dishonesty---than in the objective realms of consideration. Consider the following possibilities: 1. The conversion of descriptive theories about healthy human behavior into coercive expectations and prescriptions which say how humans should behave. 2. Instituting formal and informal patterns of behavior (laws, rules, regulations, prescriptions, prohibitions, moral codes, ethical codes, etc.) intended to "encourage" proper thoughts, emotions, attitudes, desires, decisions, actions and patterns of behavior; and to discourage improper ones. 3. Focusing upon only the most obvious signs of propriety and impropriety---in order to make it appear that conformity to expectations is occurring, and that coherence between prescriptive theories and real human patterns has been achieved. 4. Being concerned only with objective appearances and being little concerned with reflexive reality---as a way to achieve apparent coherence; when the prescriptive theory and human realities cannot be made to correspond. 5. Labeling creative non-conformists as perverse, imperfect, mis-guided, degraded, evil, and worthy of excommunication---when they persist in demonstrating openly and honestly that prescriptive theories do not describe reality openly and honestly. 6. Undermining the self-esteem and personal integrity of people who do not demonstrate the propriety of prescriptive theories pertaining to reflexive human behaviors; by dumping upon them burdens of shame and guilt. 7. Putting in prison or banishing from sight those members of the community who persist in being non- conformists in violation of the prescriptive theories. To avoid such perversions of the objective paradigm when attempts are made to transfer it into dealing with reflexive human realities we need to: 1. Focus upon NON-COERCIVE DESCRIPTIONS of actual human thoughts, feelings, desires, experiences, perceptions, beliefs and convictions---rather than upon COERCIVE PRESCRIPTIONS of what they "should" be. 2. Openly and honestly acknowledge that the process of seeking to transfer the objective paradigm into the realm of seeking to UNDERSTAND, MANIPULATE AND CONTROL: human thoughts, feelings, desires, experiences, perceptions, beliefs and convictions---is a REFLEXIVE PROCESS which must focus honestly upon those seeking to carry out the process if it, is to have any chance of transcending prejudicial bias. 3. Openly and honestly acknowledge that in unmodified form the objective paradigm is bound to encourage coercive and disintegrative behaviors---if it is transferred into the realms of reflexive human relationships. 4. Openly and honestly acknowledge that the objective paradigm must be transformed in very fundamental ways---before it can transferred into the realms of reflexive human relationships without tragically disintegrative consequences. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================