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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %PERVERTED ADDICT CODEPEND COLLUSIVE LOVE FAITH JOY+940507 %DISHONEST APPEARANCE PROPHET TRUE HOPE SALVATION 940507 We need to know how to recognize, name, describe and talk openly and honestly about perverted forms of: love, faith, joy, honesty, prophecy, truth, hope and salvation. Participants in collusive addictions and codependent support of such addictions play games of mutual self deception within which many positive realities are perverted, invested in attractive vestments, and then presented as being better than the true realities which remain free of perversion. Perverted love is NOT gentle, patient, kind, forgiving, humble, abiding, or honestly present in times of need. Perverted love is presumptuous, arrogant, rude, boastful, impatient, coercive, judgmental, condemning, and dishonestly intrusive in times of need. True faith trusts in the power of true love to heal and renew people who are imperfect, and to heal and renew their relationships which are imperfect. Perverted faith is not honest about human limitations, ignorance, or games of mutual self deception. Perverted faith does not focus upon personal or communal integrity wherein the family of God is one in the honest spiritual presence within each creature. True joy comes freely from the heart. Perverted joy does not come freely from the heart. Perverted joy has more to do with coerced appearances which are intended to be in conformity with coercive expectations---than it has to do with being true to self and other regarding spiritual journeys and matters of the heart. True honesty has to do with being safely true to self and other about one's own experiences, doubts, desires, fears, hopes, aspirations, disappointments, etc. Perverted honesty does not have to do with being true to self and others. Perverted honesty consists of being faithful to the pretensions of collusive games of mutual self deception; conforming to the coercive expectations of of participants in such collusive games. Perverted honesty is often rewarded while prophetic revelations of its lack of integrity are punished by people trying to be in control. True prophets speak the truth with power in love. Perverted prophets often participate in alienative judgments, condemnations and excommunications; wishing upon the enemies of the prophet disintegrative punishments in the manner of manipulative addicts. Real truths are incarnate in people who enjoy personal and communal integrity by being true to themselves and each other. Perverted truths are misleading statements designed to elicit respect on the part of conformists who are not interested in either personal or communal integrity. Real hope is grounded in being one together in the presence of God's family of true creatures. They accept God's gift of true security---knowing it as the freedom to be safely vulnerable in the mysterious presence of the Holy Spirit---which is present in creatures who seek for integrity and honesty in being themselves, whole and healthy ---within a community of such seekers. Perverted hope entails dishonest expectations that manipulative technologies will bear sweet fruit. True salvation is not an achievement which qualifies the achiever to be accepted into open and honest dialogue with people who have been assured that they can be safely vulnerable in intimate relationships. True salvation is the acceptance of such unconditional acceptance on the terms of those who offer the true gift of such security. Perverted salvation is the false appearance that salvation can be achieved through some manipulative means or technology---to gain conditional acceptance and/or avoid threats of judgments, condemnations, rejections and excommunication from open and honest dialogue. We need to know how to recognize, name, describe and talk openly and honestly about perverted forms of: love, faith, joy, honesty, prophecy, truth, hope and salvation. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================