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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %FULFILLMENT SATISFACTION DEFERRAL+930704 %VERBAL TOOL VIOLENCE COERCION CONTROL+930704 %WEAPON CLUB BOW ARROW GUN BOMB AIRPLANE+930704 %RULE LAW REGULATION INJUNCTION THREAT REJECT 930704 Human violence of each kind entails the violation of: (1) some kind of personal or communal integrity, (2) the abuse of some means/tools of manipulation, (3) one or more victims of violence, (4) one or more perpetuators of the violence, (5) and one or more bystanders who in some ways are affected by and/or affect the violence and its consequences. To respond creatively to human violence and so promote greater personal and communal integrity often requires that we clarify each of the above aspects of human violence and the degrees to which the boundaries between them are in some cases clear and well defined; and in other cases fuzzy and/or not well defined. The victim(s) of violence are often at the same time the perpetuators of the violence and/or bystanders to the violence. The bystanders to violence are often the victims of being spectators to overt violence and also perpetuators of the overt violence by taking no actions to help their community resolve the hidden conflicts which engender the overt violence. The apparent perpetuators of overt violence are often just expressing openly and honestly the conflicts which the bystanders and victims of the violence are trying very hard to pretend out of existence. Roles in violence are often not clear in reality or in overt definition. The kind of human integrity which is violated in violence is often not clear or well defined---especially from the point of view of the perpetuators of the violence whose initial violence often take the form of pretending that there is not integrity present. In their view the integrity which they violate is intimately associated with the essence of evil, because they experience that integrity as a threat to their own collusive games of mutual self deception. Those dishonest games enable the overt violence and so bystanders who do not honestly deal with those collusive games of mutual self deception through neglect become participants in those collusive games which enable the overt violence. We need honestly to clarify the ways in which various kinds of integrity are complementary to each other, even as we and others are perceiving them to be in conflict with each other. By honestly doing so we can work to reduce violence and so work to promote our personal and communal integrity. The apparent perpetuators of overt violence are usually the victims of their own violence far more than is recognized. We cannot violate any integrity which is present within our community without thereby doing violence to the communal integrity upon which our own personal integrity depends in very profound ways. We do violence to our own communal integrity when we draw exclusive boundaries around some limited parts of our whole community, exclude some portions of our whole community and so regard it as expendable, excommunicable, and appropriately subjected to violence. Perpetuators of violence are thus always victims of the violence which they perpetuate. Clubs, knives, swords, guns, bows and arrows, guns, airplanes, bombs, and missiles are commonly recognized means which are abused in the perpetuation of violence. Means which are often abused in the perpetuation of violence, but which are often not recognized as tools of violence include: words, language, rules, regulations, prohibitions, prescriptions, laws, moral and ethical codes, verbal threats, verbal excommunications, curses, etc. All such abuses engender alienations which entail doing violence to healthy patterns of affection, intimacy, honesty, dialogue, listening and sharing of personal experiences, perceptions and emotions. We need to deal openly and honestly with each kind of violence and with the disintegration which it engenders---even when the means which are abused are usually associated with very respectable patterns of behavior which often play supportive roles in collusive games of mutual self deception. Such open and honest dealing with violence is not always going to be appreciated by those people whose powerful collusive games of mutual self deceptions are exposed and revealed to be disintegrative patterns of behavior. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================