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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %BUSINESS CONFLICT RESOLUTION VIOLENCE REVOLUTION 900115 Businessmen as revolutionaries need to take note that truly meaningful revolutions involve the nonviolent resolution of conflicts; not violent extensions of conflict. The making of weapons of destruction does not lead to expansion of business markets, but to the destruction of business markets. Violent conflicts harden people's minds, hearts and spirits; and so inhibit creative new ventures which promote economic vitality and trade. Enemies do not cooperate with each other, nor trade profitably with each other. It is not profitable to make enemies; it is profitable to promote friendly business relationships. Revolutions are not advanced by the gun and other weapons; but rather by clear thinking, honest dialogue, and friendly cooperation. Violence does not promote integrative thinking and cooperation; but rather promotes alienation, estrangement, and the breakdown of honest dialogue which is essential to creative and profitable business ventures. Violence restricts international trade; cooperation expands international trade. Meaningful revolutions entail fundamental changes in people's hearts, minds, spirits and daily behavior. Coercion, violence, and weapons of destruction tend to perpetuate old disintegrative ways of feeling, thinking and behaving; they are counter-revolutionary in nature, and not worthy of authentic revolutionaries. Violent people who seek to promote revolutions through the use of violence do so within the frame of mind of addicts and codependents who perpetuate collusive games of self deception. Manipulative people are willing to manipulate the truth in their efforts to achieve changes which cannot be achieved otherwise. The logic of violence lacks integrity, and leads to many forms of disintegration. When creative people who might otherwise promote meaningful revolutions let themselves be preoccupied with repressive addicts and codependents, the creative people let themselves get dragged into the habits of mind and heart of those whom they seek to change. Attachment to addictive and codependent habits of mind and heart undermines meaningful revolutions. Meaningful revolutions are not created by efforts to control the thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and expressions of those who oppose meaningful revolutions. Preoccupations with the opposition is distractive; diverting attention and effort away from creative work which is the heart of meaningful revolutions. Meaningful revolutionaries need to learn how to detach themselves from the preoccupations of addicts, codependents, and colluders; and transcend their habits of mind and heart in creative ways which will eventually point the way to alternatives which they cannot yet dream about, much less desire. Revolutions have to do with envisioning new connections and relationships which have not previously been envisioned, much less considered as possible and desirable. New connections and relationships provide new alternatives from among which wise people can choose that which is better than what has dominated the past. Without the envisioning of new connections and relationships there is little in the way of new alternatives from among which to choose revolutionary new ways. Revolutionaries are visionaries who find new ways through open and honest dialogue to communicate their visions to many different kinds of people; and do so in ways which minimize threat, coercion, and violence---so the possibility of unbiased consideration is maximized. Revolutionaries are not preoccupied with people who are stuck in the past, with the conflicts of the past. They are seeking ways to resolve/transcend the conflicts of the past. A revolution is not the winning of an old conflict, but the transcendence of an old conflict through new visions. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================