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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %LEARNING FROM INTEGRATIVE TERRORIST COMMUNITY 880703 The power of a terrorist group, or of any alienated community which is perceived to threaten the integrity of the broader community, is power which is bestowed upon the alienated community by virtue of the integrity of its values and ideals, and the integrity with which its members are committed to their ideals and values. That person or group which is totally without integrity has no meaningful power and will not survive. To the extent that a person or group survives with power to make a difference in the lives of others, there must be some measure of integrity in that person or group. If the person or group which has power is alienated from the broader community, in that alienation there is danger to the broader community. The danger lies in the alienation; for the alienation is a break in the integrity of the larger group, and so threatens the power of the larger group to survive with meaning. The correction to the danger is to overcome the alienation. All too often the corrective actions have been tragic efforts to control the alienated person or group; efforts at control which generate further alienation and disintegration of the community as a whole. The community as a whole needs to promote overall integrity by seeking to learn the source of the power of the alienated person or group. When the community as a whole learns the source of the power of the alienated members of the alienated community, the community as a whole will know the keys to their power, and to the integration of the community as a whole. The way to know the keys to the power of the alienated group is to be in sympathetic dialogue, conversation, communication with them. All too often those keys to power are not known because leaders fear to know the truths which are the keys to the power of the group from which they are alienated. To deal in an integrative way with the power of your enemy you need to understand in a sympathetic way the keys to the power of the enemy; i.e., the integrative ideals which lead and motivate your enemy to oppose you. It is hard to accept the idea that integrative people would ever oppose you. Often people impute evil motives, nature, ideals, knowledge, etc. to their enemy. Such imputations intensify the alienation which keeps the alienated parties from learning the sources of each other's power; i.e., through sympathetic dialogue, conversation, and conversions through listening to each others ideals and aspirations. The nature of the relationship between enemies resides in the character of the relationships, not in the essential characters of the participants in the relationships. The relationship is enemy-like because of the alienation, ignorance, rejection, fear, avoidance, etc. regarding the ideals and values which bestow power to each coherent subculture. The disintegrative violence, of the relationship can be transcended not by more threats of violence and disintegration, but through integrative efforts to become sympathetically familiar with the ideals and values which bestow power on each side of the conflict. If each side in a conflict has substantial power by virtue of their respective degrees of integrity, consider the power which would be bestowed upon the whole, were the ignorance of each other's integrative ideals overcome through sympathetic dialogue! Power will be bestowed upon those who overcome their ignorance of their enemy's most integrative ideals and values. Power is not given to those who alienate themselves from their enemy's most integrative ideals and values; for such alienation leads to disintegration and loss of power. It is important to people trapped in disintegrative ideals to come to understand the dynamics of disintegration, and the power bestowed upon those who are the agents of integration. Confusion regarding the roots of power leads to disintegration. Real power does not reside in the ability to disintegrate, but in the ability to bring together that which is separated and needs to be together; i.e., people who have differing powers through their differing integrative ideals and values. When complementary ideals and values are integrated into a coherent whole, power is bestowed upon the newly integrated community. When people with complementary ideals and values alienate each other through ignorance, misunderstanding, fear and dishonest manipulations; they lose power through disintegration of their global community. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================