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This is Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay Click HERE on this line to find essays via Your-Key-Words. {Most frequent wordstarts of each essay will be put here.} ========================================================== %INTEGRITY OF GOD'S LOVE POWER AND JUSTICE 880609 The doctrine of the trinity points to God's integrity which is a human concept which points to the integrity of the universe of God's creations. God's ways are reliable and have integrity. They may be seen in natural processes which are not dominated by human efforts to be in control. When human efforts to be in control dominate a process, it is just as hard to understand the resultant processes as it is to understand human addictive behavior. One of the central characteristics of human addictive behavior is the futility of people's efforts to gain control of the confused processes of addictive/co-dependent relationships. Such efforts lack integrity and instead are characterized by confusion in which disparate parts and tendencies are fused together in coherent ways: control/incompetence, promises/failures, hope/despair, endearment/violence, sincerity/deception, etc. Natural processes which are not dominated by human efforts to be in control reveal the integrity of God's love, power and justice. Love is God's integrative power which working with reliable justice to empower Her creatures to fulfill their potentials in an integrated whole. An effort to control the processes in accord with some particular human preconception of how it should progress introduces a tension between human preconceptions and God's integrity. Human efforts usually fail in the face of such tension, and human disintegration follows. God has NOT given humans the power to be in control of love or justice. Love, power and justice co-exist only in the integrity of God's ways; not in the conceptions of humans' understandings and creative imaginations. Human efforts to understand, predict and control God's processes do not ultimately succeed; for such ultimate success would be One with God. Attempts to achieve such success are attempts to achieve oneness with God on the basis of human desires and efforts. We may be One with God in the integrity of God only if we accept God's acceptance of us on God's terms. If we insist upon achieving Integrity with God on our terms, we are doomed to failure, as are all addicts who seek to save themselves by will power which is rooted in unrealistic self appraisals. We cannot be objective about our own limited powers and finitude; thus, we cannot understand, predict and control our limited powers and finitude in an objective way. We cannot with integrity achieve our own salvation through understanding, prediction and control of any kind. Religious, political, scientific, technical, humanistic, moralistic, ethical, economic, etc. kinds of manipulative efforts can not assure salvation for those who espouse such technologies, or for their intended beneficiaries. Salvation is not achieved, it is accepted as a gift with integrity, if it is known at all. Salvation is a gift, not an achievement, or a reward, or a purchase. God's Love is a gift, not a reward for good behavior. God's Justice is not punishment for bad behavior. God's Justice is his Integrity operating with the Power of Love. To try to pay for God's gift of salvation is to reject the gift. Evil is not a power leading us to do bad deeds through temptation. Evil is the rejection of God's Love, Power and Justice which work together with Integrity. Evil is known in disintegration which follows the rejection of God's Love, Power and Justice. Evil is known in the tragedies which flow from misguided efforts to be perfectly faithful to disintegrative human systems of ideals, values and principles. Human efforts to control evil compound the evil which they seek to control, for the efforts to control evil spring from the same misguided preconceptions which occasioned the original evil which the efforts seek to control. Prayer is the process of integration of ourselves into God's integrative ways with Love, Power and Justice. Prayer is not asking God to do something for us, Prayer is seeking to be one with God's doing all that is done with the integrity of Love, Power and Justice. Prayer is the process of seeking to live within the integrity of God's ways. The integrity of God's love, power and justice will not yield to human analytic efforts to understand, predict and control them. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================