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This-essay is a8509172.htm which is available at the web-site See more notes at the bottom. Previous-Essay <== This-Essay ==> Following-Essay By-Months By-Years By-Words Webs of Like-&-Un-Like ESSAYS <==> Like-&-UN-Like This-One ========================================================== %MAKING SENSE OF A CURRENT REVOLUTION 850917 A revolution involves significant changes which make meaningful differences to the people who find themselves involved in the revolution. In each revolution there are people who have vested interests and are prone to seek to inhibit the development of revolution. In each revolution there are other people who anticipate that the revolution will bring them increased advantages. Thus people often find themselves in conflict within the context of a revolution. If we find ourselves involved in a revolution we can make sense of our lives in the changing circumstances if we meaningfully understand the circumstances which lead up to the revolution, the factors affecting the development of the revolution, and the probable course of the revolution. It is unlikely that pretending that the revolution is not real will help us survive more meaningfully than becoming familiar with the various aspects of the revolution. Revolutions are often rooted in objective facts such as the development of an agricultural life style among nomadic tribes; the exhaustion of forests for ship building and fuel; the discovery of coal, oil, uranium fission, light element fusion, solar energy, etc. as sources of energy---and the exhaustion of such energy opportunities. Many revolutions involve the discovery, shifting uses of, and exhaustion of natural resources as means to satisfying basic and invented human needs. Revolutions often involve major shifts in life styles and the attitudes of peoples towards life styles. Both the objective facts and the subjective attitudes towards those facts play important roles in revolutions. Our attitudes towards revolutions often flow from our primary ideals. We may see a revolution as threatening our ideas, our self-respect, our sense of who we are and may become. The conflicts among people who participate in revolutions are expressions of the conflicts between their highest ideals. If the people can not recognize each other, unable to find ways to respect each other's idealism. The way we perceive a current revolution depends heavily upon whether we have a vested interest in the status quo, might profit from the changes being brought about by the revolution, or possibly neither. We may regard the revolution as evil or good, or a matter of indifference. How we regard the revolution does not mirror and objective fact, rather it depends upon what the revolution means to us in our own perception and reflection upon what we think it will mean to us. It is unlikely that we can perceive any fundamental revolution clearly and without bias. If we are dedicated to being unbiased we may avoid viewing a revolution with bias by trying to ignore it, pretending it is not taking place. If we can not successfully ignore it we may pretend that it is not important and so not worthy of our attention. Or, we may choose to be selectively aware of whatever may help. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in Search for Integrity and Honesty (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================
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