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This web site is an effort to Facilitate-and-Promote Open-and-Honest-Dialogue about the Essential-Foundations of Personal-and-Communal Integrations-and-Integrities. The following are Peripheral/Minor concerns herein: WHO Is, Should-Be, or Will-Be Ranked/Labeled as - - - Good/Evil, Proper/Improper, Conformed/Rebellious, Superior/Inferior, Leader/Follower, Friend/Enemy, Loyal/Suspicious, Powerful/Weak, Wealthy/Poor, Healthy/Sick, Dominant/Submissive, Included/Excluded, Welcomed/Alienated, Imprisoned/Released, Ascending/Descending, Reconciled/Excommunicated, Invulnerable/Vulnerable, Secure/Insecure, Honorable/Expendable, Godly/Devilish. Here attention is often focused upon how Alienative/Integrative are our various: Ideals, Values, Principles; Expectaions, Aspirations, Hopes; Desires, Visions, Dreams; Commandments, Demands, Laws; Prescriptions, Descriptions, Proscriptions; Attitudes, Assumptions, Beliefs; Doctrines, Myths, Rituals; Stories, Songs, Parables; Concentrations of Powers and Wealth; Descriptions of various Vices and Virtues; Ways of understanding our human relationships; Ways of trying to improve our human conditions. To understand what you find here, keep the above in mind. What you find here depends greatly upon what and who you bring here. Be Graciously-Together in the Many-Ways-of-Shalom.