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UNA-USA/Northern Colorado Chapter

Last Updated: 09/06/2006.


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The Announcment of the Recent Salt Lake City Regional Conference in the Summer of 2006

News from the Colorado Delegation to the above conference

A new web facility for the Colorado Division of the UNA-USA is developing at: http://www.una-colorado.org

The United Nations Association of the USA (UNA-USA) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization of over 170 chapters across the United States. The chapters support the work of the United Nations for world peace and justice. They educate and inform the general public about the UN activities and provide opportunities for civic participation in important social and economic issues facing the world today. Some of the areas include human rights, removal of landmines, health, the spread of democractic forms of governance, international justice, terrorism, security, environment, and economic development.

We realize that this list encompasses such a wide range of Global Problem Areas, that interested citizens can feel overwhelmed. For a more thorough list of the many problem areas in which the UN is involved, see: A List of Interest Areas and also see the national UNA-USA website and the UN website. Another interesting site that shows the breadth of UN activity is: UN News Items. The first two sites are also linked to at the bottom of this page. Of importance in the UNA-USA website is the Washington Report and the E-Action Network. Both of these sites are linked to from the main UNA-USA page. The link to E-Action is in the upper right part of the posting and the Washington Report is about half way down under POLICY.

Another activity that a UNA-USA Chapter could provide is a framework to help organize these many areas and their interactions. Then chapter members could select areas of interest for further study. One such framework might be based upon an expansion of some ideas about how basic values and institutions interrelate with each other. See Managing Institutional Change .

The United Nations Association/Northern Colorado Chapter bylaws were officially approved in Mid May 2004 by the National office of UNA-USA. We had elections and now of an official list of officers as of July 2, 2004. Thus we are an official chapter, a group of over 40 UNA members from Larimer County. We are busily engaged in planning programs and seeking more members. If you are interested, please contact: either: Eleanor Dwight, President Elect, at 377-0863; Margaret Smith, President, at 493-3857; Ken Tharp, Vice President, at 484-7033; Hugh Sanborn, Treasurer, at 225-0983; or Paul Smith, Secretary, at 493-3857; (Area code 970).

The Colorado State Division can be reached via e-mail at: unaco@earthlink.net or at: 303-832-4765. There is another chapter in Boulder, CO. at: E-mail: marclomorrisson@cs.com. ------ A new web-resource of the Colorado State Division is being developed at http://www.una-colorado.org The site takes a while to load up.

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To view the National UNA website, click on: UNA-USA web site.

To view the United Nations website, click on: Welcome to the United Nations, and click on the English word Welcome to view the site in English. A brief historical background on the UN is accessible at: Background. The UN role in International Law is accessible at: International Law.

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As of January 5, 2006, access our New Evolving Northern Colorado-UNA Site by using the new URL: http://www.essayz.com/unausa-noco

Paul Smith, our UNA-USA Chapter Secretary, is currently working on the new web site.
Send e-mail to Paul Smith at: psmith1coe@aol.com

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