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UNITED NATIONS ASSOCIATION of the United States of America Northern Colorado Chapter

NCUNA Newsletter Volume 2, #4. July-August, 2006


For those of you who attended - or missed - Dr. Kathryn Hochstetler presentation at the June 10 UNA meeting, we would like to recommend her book to you. Sharing firsthand observations from the Rio de Janeiro environmental pre-conferences, she made the backroom politics of international conferences come alive!

Dr. Hochstetler's book is: Sovereignty, Democracy, and Global Civil Society: State-Society Relations at N World Conferences0 (SUNY Press 2005). Co-authors of the book include Kathryn Hochstetler, Elisabeth Jay Friedman and Ann Marie Clark. It was just published this year in paperback, so it is now more affordable!

UNA MOUNTAIN-PACIFIC REGIONAL CONFERENCE June 26-28, 2006, Salt Lake City Conference Highlights, Reported by Members from our Northern Colorado Delegation:

From Margaret Smith The long-awaited Mountain Pacific Regional Conference took place on the campus of the University of Utah, June 26-28, 2006. There were numerous interesting speakers and panels on various topics of interest to UNA. Some were on substantive questions and policies and others were on procedural matters. It would take too much space to give a comprehensive report on the Conference in this Newsletter, however, we will provide you with highlights, and if you want to know more, just ask one of our delegates. Approximately 45 attendees from several states participated, with Colorado sending the largest delegation. Our chapter was represented by Eleanor Dwight, Ken Tharp, and Paul and Margaret Several national staff and board members were in attendance. Various chapters provided much of the conference program. There's a lot of good work going on out there! Margaret took along a Brag-Book of newspaper clippings, flyers, etc., showing the work of our chapter as well as copies of our Newsletter.

Dr. Robert Lawrence of Fort Collins gave a discussion-provoking presentation on Nuclear Proliferation, similar to the one he gave to our Chapter. A panel from Boulder made an interesting presentation on The US, the World and Climate Change: Toward Kyoto II. (We may invite them to speak to our Chapter soon.) I enjoyed a talk by Jeff Laurenti of the Century Foundation, formerly UNA-USA staff, now on its Board of Directors. Ken and I, and perhaps others, get e-mail from Jeff occasionally. His topic was The Dynamics of UN Reform: Achieving Responsible US Leadership, and I was pleased to discover that he is as eloquent a speaker as he is a writer.

Banquet speakers included Boyer Jarvis of UNA-Utah, who reviewed their achievements over the years. They seem to get big-name speakers and draw crowds in the thousands! Dr. Ved Nanda gave the banquet keynote address on UN Reform, John Bolton's role, etc.

Aspeaker from Monterey, CA, outlined the amazing growth in membership of their chapter and provided ideas we might be able to adapt for our use. Their chapter has grown from 140 to over 700 members over the past eight years; about 25% net gain per year!

I got to see, hear, and meet another person from whom I often get e-mail: Joan Lawson, Mountain Pacific Regional Director, UNA-USA Board. She spoke on Nuts and Bolts of Managing a Chapter. Many questions were asked about membership and dues procedures, some of which were answered by George Garland, new National Membership Director, who is working to improve these processes. Joan and I discussed filing of chapter documents, and I was pleased that Joan's filing system is similar to mine, with an archival file and an active one.

An off-campus program on Adopt-a-Minefield was given Tuesday evening by national Program Manager Zach Hudson, who has visited Lincoln School in Fort Collins. This was a Night of 1,000 Desserts, arranged by the Gandhi Alliance for Peace.

Wednesday morning Paul and I were able to glean useful information from various panels on Community Outreach and Coalition-Building, Crafting the Message and Media Advocacy, Fundraising and Event Planning, and Tools for Recruiting New Membership and Promoting Local Activism. Susan Fox, national Program Manager, introduced the HERO Campaign, which provides education and school-based support for orphans in HIV/AIDS communities in Africa. For more information, see: www.heroaction.org. Wednesday afternoon was focused on discussion of proposed advocacy resolutions on Climate Change, on Iran, on Nuclear Proliferation, and on the U.S. Ambassadorship to the U.N.

The conference days were long and packed with information, beginning at 8:00 a.m. and lasting until 10:00 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday. Conference planners may wish to budget additional time for discussion in future conferences, as there was some slippage in the schedule. The UNA-Utah people were super in providing directions and transportation to off-campus events, getting photocopies made in a timely way, etc. Participants favored holding another Regional Conference next year, and after that, one every other year. Start planning to go next year; we found it very worthwhile!

From Paul Smith Our Division President, Dr. Timothy Kubik, gave a moving presentation about how he has involved high school students in his own kind of "Model UN Meeting" in which the students take over almost all of the responsibilities for setting up the meeting, including: (1) Determining the focus, (2) Making arrangements, (3) Setting the agenda, (4) Running the meeting. Dr. Kubik leads with a light touch. Much of his students' enduring learning occurs because of how much responsibility they take on. I believe we can get a copy of his power-point presentation, as well as that of Dr. Maynard's power-point presentation noted next below. Dr. James E. Maynard of the Seattle Chapter presented a mature conceptual outline of "A Cooperative Educational Outreach to College Students" which focuses on the work of the United Nations in ways which I expect will get young people involved in United-Nations-related-studies, in a format which includes "distance-learning". I plan to network with him in exploring a suggestion by the President of Park University that I develop a "distance-learning-course" making use of my website at \cf1\ul www.essayz.com\cf0\ulnone . Park University is heavily involved in using the "distance-learning" in formal course work. Park University focuses significantly on encouraging civic responsibility and upon higher education for students who are serving in the U.S. Military; graduating over 4,000 students of all kinds each year, from campuses around the USA. It looks like there are many "networking" possibilities to develop! The Regional Conference was about "networking" of various kinds! I was moved by Dr. Ved Nanda's presentation of the "Evolving Concept" of nations' and the world's "Responsibility to Protect" their vulnerable citizens within sovereign nations --- and the challenges in implementing that "Evolving Concept". Consider the recent tragedies in Cambodia, Rwanda and Darfur.

From Eleanor Dwight Another quick observation from the UNA Conference in Salt Lake\'85 While nearly every UNA Chapter is experiencing the "graying" of the membership, the Pike's Peak chapter is doing something to address it. Among their efforts was the sponsorship of three young people to go the regional Conference this year. They were helpful in citing ways to reach out. I am more convinced than ever that we need to make a great effort to reach out to young people through the Model UN, Adopt-a-Minefield, the CSU UNICEF group and student members. Student memberships are very inexpensive and I recommend we all seek out a student to sponsor this year.

From Ken Tharp On a scale of 1 to 10, our first regional conference rated a 15! Bob McKelvey of Missoula and Kathy Horvat of Salt Lake City will help us plan a second regional conference in Salt Lake City in 2007, then every two years alternating with the national conference.

An especially interesting discussion was the Seattle chapter's work with the Washington state community college leader concerning the UN's Millennium Development Goals as key issues for education (also mentioned above.) Another was the Albuquerque chapter's work to win US support for the International Criminal Court based on the message that international criminals should be prosecuted, not rewarded.

The final session of the conference discussed resolutions concerning global climate change, nuclear proliferation, and the role of our nation's ambassador to the UN. The suggested resolutions will be referred to each chapter of the Pacific Western region for consideration with inputs to be forwarded to the national UNA-USA conference in 2007.

PROGRAMS: No programs are scheduled for July and August; enjoy our beautiful Colorado summer! Our tentative date for kicking off the fall season is Saturday, September 16.

BOARD MEETINGS: The Board will meet at 9:30 a.m. on the following Saturdays: August 12, September 9, and October 7, at meeting locations to be announced later. If required for interim business, the Executive Committee will meet in the Board's stead.

MEMBERSHIP: Our chapter has received an award from the national office for achieving net membership growth of at least 10% during 2005. The awards were presented at the Council of Chapters and Divisions Annual Business Meeting on June 10-th in Washington, D.C. We were honored in absentia. Thanks to our Membership Chair Eleanor Dwight, and to all of you who have helped by mentioning UNA to friends!

HOME-STAY FAMILIES NEEDED: Families will be needed in August to host new international students until they find permanent housing. Students will arrive the week of August 7-13. Most will need to stay only a few nights. If you can help with temporary housing for these students please call Nancy of the Fort Collins International Center at 493-7218, or email her at: nancy.sturtevant@accenture.com

"INVISIBLE CHILDREN:" This information was provided by Chapter member Gretchen Searles:

On July 20th from 5:00- 9:00 p.m. there will be a screening of "Invisible Children Movement" at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins. The goal of the documentary is to build a safe community for the children of Northern Uganda.

The event will be held at the Lincoln Center, Canyon West Room. Screening of the film begins at 6:00 p.m. and will be followed by a question and answer period. Donations will be accepted.

I plan to attend and would love to meet up with other members interested in attending.

WEBSITE NEWS from Paul Smith

It is time to visit: http://www.una-colorado.org. Just enter http://www.una-colorado.org in your web-browser, and press enter, to go to the new web site.

The new UNA-USA Colorado Division web site at http://www.una-colorado.org is functional! I encourage all members who have web access to visit the site. Once there proceed as follows:

1. Sign in with your e-mail address, username (of your choice), and a password (of your choice). It is fairly obvious how to proceed. Be venturesome and experiment! You cannot hurt anything! If you do not get you what you wanted --- just try/do something else in order to learn what is possible. T he new website is a place to experiment --- to see what works and what doesn't. See what others have written, and join in as best you can.

2. Explore the site to see what's happening. The site is evolving as a communications central for exchanging questions, ideas, suggestions, announcements, etc. It is like an electronic happy hour where people can circulate and engage in small group conversations --- with an electronic record created that be can be reviewed to see who said what, when, and in response to what was said before. Messages can be presented for your reading in four ways at your click-command.

3. Explore the other relevant websites currently available via links contained in http://www.una-colorado.org, and in additional links found in secondary websites. You may find a calendar where you can click on various dates on the calendar --- to see information relevant on that date.

4. Explore the conversations among the leaders of UNA-USA in our Region in the process of creating the website. This information is available to all members in Colorado for use in promoting the United Nations --- especially now when it is increasingly urgent that the UN be a vital agent for world health and peace.

5. As you get a sense of the possibilities the new website is creating, contribute your own visions of what you would like to see via the new website. Help us to realize, to make real, those possibilities.

Our chapter's website is now temporarily housed at: www.essayz.com/unausa-noco.htm This location is associated with the chapter secretary's website. We are exploring affiliation with the Colorado Division's website soon, or alternatively establishing a chapter site that is independent of an individual.

Another useful website is: www.unicefusa.org

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