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Information about Regional Conference of UNA-USA in Salt Lake City, June 26-28

Last Updated: April 18, 2006.

Greetings, members of Northern Colorado Chapter of UNA-USA! Things are falling into place for what looks like a terrific Mountain-Pacific Regional UNA conference! It's to be in Salt Lake City, June 26-28. A couple of highlights: CSU's Dr. Robert Lawrence will speak on Monday, June 26. We can stay in the Olympic Village. As conferences go, this one is reasonably priced. Registration is $95 until May 31; $110 in June. (plus meals and lodging.) Complete information and registration material is in the attached message which was created with Microsoft Word. If you can't open the attachment, let us know by e-mail or phone (493-3857) and we'll get a copy to you. Several of us are already excited about attending. If you decide you want to go, please call or e-mail Eleanor Dwight (377-0863 or Eleanor@dwightcentral.com) Let her know if you'd be interested in a car pool. Let's have a good showing from our lively Northern Colorado chapter! Margaret S. Smith, President: MacSmith36@aol.com Paul A. Smith, Secretary: Psmith1coe@aol.com ====================================================================== The United Nations Association--USA Western Regional Conference Hosted by Mountain-Pacific Region Monday-Wednesday, June 26-28, 2006 Sessions and Housing at the University of Utah’s Olympic Village, Salt Lake City MONDAY 11:30-12:25 pm Registration MONDAY AFTERNOON: International Policy Session 12:30-1:25 pm Don Kraus, Executive Vice President, Citizens for Global Solutions The United States – Bowling Alone at the UN 1:30-2: 15 pm Robert M Lawrence, Professor of Political Science, Colorado State University Strategies for Dealing with Nuclear Weapons Proliferation: From Treaty Constraints to Weaponizing Space 2:20-3:10 pm Boulder Chapter John Beynon, retiring President, Boulder Chapter Pete Palmer, current President, Boulder Chapter Jim Wolf, Advocacy Chair, Boulder Chapter The US, the World and Climate Change: Toward Kyoto II 3:10--3:40 pm BREAK: Refreshments 3:40-4:35 pm Jeffrey Laurenti, Senior Fellow, The Century Foundation, Advocacy Chair, UNA-USA Council of Chapters and Divisions, Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, UNA-USA Board The Dynamics of UN Reform: Achieving Responsible US Leadership 4:40-5:30 pm Panel Discussion Don Kraus, Jeffery Laurenti, Robert McKelvey (Moderator) Achieving Effective Advocacy 7:30--10:30 Evening Program: Mixer and Banquet Keynote Speaker: Ved Nanda, Thompson G Marsh Professor of Law and Director of International Legal Studies Program, University of Denver; Honorary President, World Jurist Association The Evolution of UN Reform Video: A Quiet Revolution Musical Entertainment: Beth Weems Pirtle, Central Regional Director; UNA-USA Board TUESDAY MORNING: International Law and Policy Session 8:00-8:05 am Announcements 8:05- 8:55 am Albuquerque Chapter and New Mexico Alliance for the ICC Bill Pratt, Mary Schense, et al The International Criminal Court 9:05- 9:45 am Ved Nanda Cambodia, Rwanda and Darfur: The Evolving Concept of “Responsibilityto Protect” and the Challenge of its Implementation 9:45 10:15 am BREAK: Refreshments 10:15-11:00 am James E. Maynard MD, PhD, Board member, UNA Seattle Chapter The US and the UN at the Crossroads: A Cooperative Educational Outreach to College Students 11:05-12:00 noon George Garland, Executive Director for National Membership, UNA-USA Don Kraus, Larry Levine, Chair, UNA-USA Council of Chapters and Divisions; Mid-Pacific Regional Director, UNA-USA Board Building UNA-USA as a Dynamic Grassroots Organization TUESDAY AFTERNOON: Regional and Chapter Affairs 1:00-1:45 pm Joan Lawson, Mountain Pacific Regional Director, UNA-USA Board Nuts and Bolts of Managing a Chapter 1:50- 2:35 pm Larry Levine Membership Development—The Monterey Experience 2:35-3:05 pm BREAK Refreshments 3:05-3:55 pm Timothy RW Kubik, PhD, President, Colorado Division, UNA-USA Revitalizing UNA Education Programs: Answering Students Needs and Interests   4:00-5:00 pm UNA-USA Mountain-Pacific Regional Caucus Joan Lawson, Moderator Moyna Hudgens, Mountain-Pacific Regional Representative Bob McKelvey, Mountain-Pacific Regional Representative George Garland Developing Mountain Pacific Regional Cooperation ***** TUESDAY EVENING 6:30-7:30 pm Informal evening walk in the foothills 8:00 pm The UNA-USA Adopt-A-Minefield Program Musical entertainment Presentation on the AAM Program by Zach Hudson, Outreach and Communications Coordinator, UNA-USA’s AAM Program Ten Thousand Villages Dessert and Wine An AAM event – donations welcome Arranged by the Gandhi Alliance for Peace ************************************************************************************* WEDNESDAY TUTORIAL PROGRAM: Utilizing UNA-USA’s Humanitarian Campaigns to Strengthen Chapters and Build New Membership Coordinated by Susan Fox, HERO Project Director and Zach Hudson, AAM Outreach and Communications Officer 8:00-8:45 am Introducing UNA-USA’s HERO Campaign 8:50-9:35 am Community Outreach and Coalition-Building 9:45-10:15 am BREAK: Refreshments 10:15-11:00 am Crafting the Message and Media Advocacy 11:10-11:55 am Fundraising and Event Planning 11:55 am-1:00 pm Lunch 1:00-2:30 Tools for Recruiting New Membership and Promoting Local Activism ************************************************************************************* WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON and EVENING EXCURSION 3:00-9:00 pm To Big Cottonwood Canyon and Silver Lake, with dinner at Silver Fork Lodge Organized by the Utah Division, Kathy Horvat, President Convention Organizational Contacts Program: Bob McKelvey, Mt-Pacific Regional Representative, RWMcKelvey@msn.com Local arrangements: Kathy Horvat, President, Utah Division, KHorvat@sisng.com Updates of this program will be posted on www.unau.org UNA-USA Regional Training Workshops – 2006 UNA-USA’s two humanitarian campaigns, Adopt-A-Minefield (AAM) and HERO, can be used as vehicles to communicate the UN message. The campaigns both address several of the Millennium Development Goals. For example, minefield clearance enables economic redevelopment, allows post-conflict communities to reclaim their land for farming, promotes educational opportunities by making it possible for schools to reopen, and ensures environmental sustainability by removing the hazardous pollution of landmines. Building schools and looking after the basic and educational needs of orphaned and vulnerable children is a way to help promote primary education, combat poverty and HIV/AIDS, lessen hunger and save lives. For the first time, UNA-USA will offer chapter leaders, young professionals, and Student Alliance leaders and advisors the opportunity to participate in a free regional members training workshop. Developed by the Membership and Humanitarian Campaigns Departments, this workshop will illustrate how to effectively use AAM and HERO not only as tangible tools to make the world a better place but also to educate, mobilize and inspire Americans to support the principles and vital work of the United Nations, to strengthen the United Nations system, and to make a direct impact oversees. By engaging in our humanitarian campaigns, chapters can bring international issues to a local level and show that their efforts are making direct links to the field through the UN system. In that process, chapters can raise their visibility in the community as being an action and results-oriented organization and recruit new members that also reflect these values. The one-day workshop will begin by teaching participants about the issues—the landmine impact and the plight of vulnerable children—and then offer participants the tools necessary to fully utilize the campaign’s capacity to strengthen the chapter in the community. Small group sessions will focus on several key skills: ·         crafting the message and media advocacy ·         community outreach and coalition-building ·         fundraising and event planning This workshop, coordinated and facilitated by UNA-USA staff, will be an excellent way both to build skills and to share experiences with each other and with the staff. UNA-USA will survey UNA leaders in each region before planning the workshop to better tailor the workshop to the region’s specific needs. We will invite those local leaders with specific experience working with either campaign to participate in the workshops and share their best practices and lessons-learned with their colleagues who are new to the campaigns. Local community experts in the above topic areas will also be identified by participating chapters and will be invited to present at the workshop. Travel and Housing Information The conference will be held at the University of Utah’s new Olympic Village Campus, which overlooks the City Center, Utah State Capitol, and LDS Temple Complex. Meeting registration is by mail, through the UN Association of Utah, using the attached registration form. The early Conference Registration fee is $95, during April or May, or $110 by mail in June or at the Convention. The Monday evening banquet charge is $35 per person, to be paid along with the registration fee. Travel: Those arriving by air can take the Express Shuttle directly to the campus. (1-800-397-0773 or www.expressshuttleutah.com) The one-way fare is $12. For two or more people it is cost effective to take a cab, for approximately $20. For those driving, convenient campus parking is $2 per day. There is a free on-campus shuttle, and UN Association of Utah volunteers will offer shuttle automobile service to and from the conference sessions and the Monday evening banquet. Housing: Excellent campus housing accommodations are in easy walking distance of the lecture hall. We have reserved a block of suites at the Heritage Center Resident Halls at the Olympic Village. Built in 2001 (for the 2002 Winter Olympics), these air conditioned accommodations consists of suites, each containing two bedrooms, each with twin beds, in-room telephone and direct internet access. The two rooms share a bath. If you wish, you will be able, on arrival, to arrange to share your suite with particular friends at the conference. TVs are available in nearby lounges. Views of the campus accommodations are posted at http://www.conferences.utah.edu/facilities/index.htm. Click on “Summer Conferencing” and then “Accommodations.” The nightly room rate is $32 for single occupancy and $23 each for double occupancy. Advance reservations are made through the UN Association of Utah when registering for the conference, but payment is made on arrival. An off-campus alternative is the Marriott University Park Hotel, about a 10-minute walk from the Heritage Village Residences and somewhat further along to the lecture hall. Make reservations by calling 1-801-581-1000. Mention the UNA Conference to be sure to get our rate of $89 per night. In addition, there are many other hotels in downtown Salt Lake City. Downtown is 10-15 minutes from campus, or perhaps 5 minutes by the TRAX light rail system. Registration Form UNA-USA Western Regional Conference University of Utah, Salt Lake City June 26-28, 2006 Please submit a separate form for each registrant. Title (Mr, Ms, etc) _____________________________________________ Address_______________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ Telephone__________________ E-mail Address_____________________ Number of accompanying but non-registering guests ________ (Evening events and recreational outings are open to registrants and their guests) Registration and Banquet Fees Please pay by check to UN Association of Utah, and mail, with this registration form, to: UN Association of Utah PO Box 520295 Salt Lake City, Utah 84152-0295 Registration fee: ($95 until May 31; $110 in June or at the Conference) $__________ Banquet tickets: _____ tickets @ $35 each $ _________ Additional donation $__________ Total enclosed $__________ (Residence Hall and Special Event Reservations on the next sheet) UNA Registration Resident Hall Reservations: My party will require ____ Single Rooms at $32 per room and ___ Double Rooms at $46 per room at the Heritage Center Residences Arrival Date__________ Departure Date__________ ***** SPECIAL EVENTS In order to plan for these events properly, we need an advance estimate of attendance. Please list the number of members of your party who expect to attend. 1) Tuesday Late Afternoon Foothills Walk Number in your party expecting to participate _____ 2) Tuesday Evening Adopt-A-Minefield Event. Number in your party expecting to participate _____ 3) Wednesday Afternoon and Evening Excursion Number in your party expecting to participate ______

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