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Below, an initial "a" means "century=19"; an initial "b" means "century=20, followed by the dates of essays in the format cyymmdd#, where # is a counter of essays written within a given day. Here there are no general instructions or links at the bottom of this page.

Count cyymmdd# 14 A9407101 13 A8508141 12 A8612051 11 A9007101 11 A8801061 11 A8904171 10 A7902081 10 A7607063 10 A7606012 9 A9302023 9 A7709213 9 A8007192 8 A8509071 7 A9007284 7 A8502092 7 A9501141 7 A8406031 7 A9703141 6 A9608173 6 A7912204 6 A8512271 6 B0301052 6 A9105081 6 A7906271 6 A8410231 6 A8403151 5 A8506202 5 B0302101 5 A8910021 5 A8406121 5 A9102183 5 A7704302 5 A8001014 5 A8001013 5 A8905291 5 A7707082 5 A8506251 4 A9702211 4 A7907173 4 A8506171 4 A8711031 4 A7612251 4 A8906082 4 A9608182 4 A9404091 4 A8407041 4 A8507171 4 A9608141 4 B0310302 4 A9008081 4 A8402201 4 B0203201 4 A9305061 4 A9601201 4 A8606231 4 A9102122 4 A9007152 4 B0210271 3 A8506011