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======================================================================================================================================================================================= = Click on this line to explore an evolving dictionary of about 1,500 words that appear often in the over 10,000 essays available on this web site = = = = Use this dictionary to find essays of interest to you. Future features will enable users to augment their own search-word-lists on the basis of how frequently words = = have appeared in the essays found here at this web-site The focus here is upon facilitating open-and-honest discussions-with-friends about - - - - How can we each = = discern whom we can most trust and admire in-the-long-term in GOD's PLANET-EARTH'S changing environment with finite supplies of OIL, NATURAL GAS and COAL that are being EXHAUSTED. = =======================================================================================================================================================================================
1. First you need to realize what you can hope to find here.

There are over 8,500 essays in a train-of-consciousness-writing style; lightly edited and not organized in any traditional text-book or professional style; often redundant in offering various perspectives on similar situations. Visitors are encouraged to think deeply and discuss their various views with different people. No rigid form of conformity is encouraged here. Diversity, Creativity and Honest-Dialogue are encouraged.

There are many links to other web sites on the world-wide-web --- offering complementary insights and resources. There are also links to diverse people around the world with complementary concerns and ways of responding helpfully to others in need of sympathy, empathy and gracious healing.

The essays available here focus in trans-disciplinary ways upon many kinds of humane/inhumane: relationships, ideals, values, principles, idologies, hopes, aspirations, virtues, vices, desires, needs --- and upon how the alienative aspects of many inhumane-relationships may be mitigated and healed through honest reconciliation; rather than through escalating: fears, dominations, alienations, controls, coercion, violence, extremism and terrorism.

The essays available here address many issues which are rarely dealt with honestly, graciously and/or reflexively within traditional forms of media. Here the attempt is to avoid negative attacks upon particular individuals and/or distinctive groups of people. The focus here is upon enabling personal and communal integrations and integrities.

You will NOT find here much, if any, traditional information, news or commentary about: The-Arts, Literature, Music, Singers, Writers, Novels, Travel, Exploration, Television, Crimes, Trials, Advertisements, Radio, Movies, Sports, Entertainment, Competators, News-Media, Houses, Cars, Cosmetics, Foods, Political-Parties, Political-Candidates, Governments, Rebels, Religious-Groups, Preachers, Crusades, International-Affairs, Businesses, Conflicts, Battles, Banking, Corporations, Economics, Scientific-Research, Engineering, Pets, Actors, Actresses or other famous people. Look elsewhere for such information, news and comentaries.

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