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OCEAN FACTS WEB PAGE <==> SAVE THE SEA WEB PAGE ================================================================================================================================================================================== ================================================================================================================================================================================== This web page - - - will offer Surveys for public input - - - ABOUT MAJOR THREATS TO THE-LONG-TERM SUSTAINABILITY-OF-CIVILIZATION - - - hoping that most viewers are interested in helping US-ALL to participate in IDENTIFYING and LIFTING-UP for open-and-honest-dialogues: questions, affirmations, facts, truths, ideals, values, principles, grounds-for-hope, virtues, perspectives, myths and convictions - - - that Will-Play-Major-Roles in EITHER AUGMENTING and/or UNDERMINING - - - the LONG-TERM-SUSTAINABILITY of EARTH'S GLOBAL Civility-Patterns - - - and of EARTH'S GLOBAL-CIVILIZATION. SUVEYS will be offered in the overall spirit described at SURVEYS-WILL-NOT-FOCUS EXCLUSIVELY-UPON any-isolated ideology or group's - - - perspectives, beliefs or activities. Surveys WILL-FOCUS INCLUSIVELY-UPON questions, affirmations, facts, truths, ideals, values, principles, grounds-for-hope, virtues, and perspectives - - - that ARE-TOO-RARELY the Gracious-Focus of Open-and-Honest Public-Dialogues. { THE SURVEY WAS UPDATED ON 2012/04/09- - - AND IS NOW OPEN FOR YOUR INPUT. IT WILL REMAIN OPEN FOR MANY DAYS; UNTIL THERE IS A GOOD REASON TO CLOSE IT.} { YOU ARE ALL ENCOURAGED TO TELL FRIENDS TO CONTRIBUTE THEIR DIVERSE PESPECTIVES, OPINIONS, CONVICTIONS, ETC. - - TO STIMULATE OPEN-AND-HONEST DIALOGUES!} =====> CLICK ON THIS LINE TO CONTRIBUTE YOUR-OWN-PERCEPTIONS TO A CURRENTLY OPEN SURVEY <===== Some people may find portions of the survey to be of little interest/concern to them. Feel free to fill out only the portions that are of authentic interest/concern to you. There are no financial costs or benefits associated with filling out this survey document. Your only benefits are the intangible benefits of knowing you have helped to lift up important but neglected topics, for open and honest discussion. ================================================================================================================================================================================== ==================================================================================================================================================================================

========================================================================================================================================================================================= == Click on this line to explore an evolving DICTIONARY of about 1,500 words that appear often in the over 10,000 essays available on this web site == == == == Use this dictionary to find essays of interest to you. Future features will enable users to augment their own search-word-lists on the basis of how frequently words == == have appeared in the essays found here at this web-site The focus here is upon facilitating open-and-honest discussions-with-friends about - - - - How can we each == == discern whom we can most trust and admire in-the-long-term in GOD's PLANET-EARTH'S changing environment with finite supplies of OIL, NATURAL GAS and COAL that are being EXHAUSTED. == ========================================================================================================================================================================================= New visitors and beginners are urged to fully explore the options available through the above hyper-link; before exploring the additional options avilable through the following more complex hyper-links with less helps! Complicated 1st Previous Home Page where you are on your own with access to the Most-of-Essay-System. Complicated 2nd Previous Home Page where you are on your own with access to the Most-of-Essay-System. Complicated 3rd Previous Home Page where you are on your own with access to the Most-of-Essay-System. The first of the last three options is less-complicated than the second and third ones. None are being updated. ====> A map below shows from-where visitors have come here. <==== Put your cursor on a dot for more information about the visit.

The map below reports the places in the world from which visitors have come to this web site. The web master here turned off public access to the details about the visitors' particulars while checking to feel confident that privacy would be maintained by that privides web site analysis. It is now clear that visitors using a private network with a fixed IP number will have only that fixed IP number revealed by The web-stat reports will be made available to the public in due course --- since it is clear that a high level of privacy will be maintained. See below the map for more information about how your privacy is protected on the web in general. The map reflects visits since April 12, 2007. The map appears on the Home-Page and recent
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===> ===> More information is available by clicking on the counter at top center of this and other pages. <=== <=== Click here for a WORLD MAP OF POPULATION DENSITY; plus more maps and data.

THE TEXT BELOW BETWEEN THE TWO LINES OF ==== comes from, the supplier of the map, which also supplies more information that is avilable by clicking on the counter number at top center of this screen. ================================ See the note above, just below the world map. ================================== Can you tell me who my visitors are? Can you record their name/address/email/profile? Internet was designed with people's privacy in mind, making it technically impossible to get personal information on your visitors (such as name, email address, profile, etc.) All we can do is detect the IP number and domain name of the server from where the request to your site originated. 99% of the time that request comes from an ISP (i.e. AOL, Compuserve, Earthlink, etc.) and the IP number has been dynamically allocated to the visitor (which means that if the same visitor comes back later he/she will have a different IP number). The only case when you can identify a visitor is when he/she is connecting through a private network with a fixed IP number, but this is not a frequent occurrence. Note that visitor identification is plain impossible : no one can offer that service so don't waste your time looking for it. Keep in mind that in the end this is a blessing : imagine your mailbox every morning if every site you visited could collect your personal information. ================================ See the note above, just below the world map. ==================================

It is clear now that the previous webalyzer reports on this web site did an inadequate job of distinguishing between visits by-live-people exploring this web site and automated-exploration of this-and-other-web-sites --- by automatons. A change to the webalyzer at now makes it possible to gather and share appropriate reliable information about the global scope of visitors to this web site; and what they discover and get others to examine --- while exposing to public view only the identities of the computers used by visitors' internet- service-providers --- such as AOL, Compuserve and Earthlink. Visitors are free to seek each other out locally, or over the world-wide-web, by revealing their interest in getting acquainted with other visitors to this web site.


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