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Reaching Consensuses about Being-SUSTAINABLE Only the LAST-FIVE-underlined-items-below are CLICKABLE-LINKS! To say-with-integrity that some particular-human-activity is contributing to the SUSTAINABILITY of our human-civilization, we need to be honestly-explicit ABOUT: 1. The Time-Frame of the period of SUSTAINABILITY. 2. The Populations and Concentrations-of-Power/Wealth included as SUSTAINABLE. 3. The full-set of measures-of success-in-being-SUSTAINABLE; e.g.: GLOBAL Health Integrity Authenticity Distributive-Justice Honesty Transparency Hospitality Generosity Dialogue Coherence Colaboration Cooperation Balance Mutuality Stability Robustness Adaptability Tolerance Creativity Over-All-Fairness 4. All measures-of-success in Mitigating-Alienative-Conflicts. 5. All measures-of-success in Mitigating-Enduring-Relationships of Alienation. 6. How Astronomically-Tiny God's-Space-Ship-Earth really is. 7. How Astronomically-Isolated God's-Space-Ship-Earth is from Extra-Terrestrial Material-Resources most-like those most-coveted inside of Space-Ship-Earth. 8. The full-implications of Unmitigated-Exponential-Growth-Rates in Human-Populations and in Per-Capita-Per-Year Consumption-Rates of Energy and Material-Resources inside of Astronomically-Tiny-Essentially-Isolated-Space-Ship-Earth. 9. SUSTAINABLE-Clusters of Integrative Personal/Communal: Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, etc. 10. What Realities can helpfully be said to be Evil and/or Good? 11. What are all of the Significant-Factors affecting: Global-Warming and Global-Cooling? 12. What are all of the Significant-Factors affecting: Oceans-Rising and/or Falling? 13. What are all of the Relevant Enduring-Robust-Descriptive-Laws-of-Physics? 14. What are the Implications-of Enduring-Robust-Descriptive-Laws-of-Physics? 15. What are all of the Relevant-Factors affecting the Sustainability of Civilization? 15. What each-of-us-can-do to help US to graciously Mitigate-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts? 16. How we can each-help US to Stop-Playing-To-Win OUR-OWN Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception? 17. What are the roles of Yes-Men - - - Real-and-Pretended -> -> -> in SUSTAINABILITY <==== A CLICKABLE-LINK! 18. What essays at - - - contain words like "Sustainable"? <==== A CLICKABLE-LINK! 19. What essays at - - - contain words like "Sustenance"? <==== A CLICKABLE-LINK! 20. How to find essays by Word-Starts listed alphabetically <==== A CLICKABLE-LINK! 21. How to find essays by Word-Starts listed in frequency of use. <==== A CLICKABLE-LINK!