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%CONFORMITY INTEGRITY VALUE IDEAL FORMS REVERENCE 050411 %HONOR SUPPORT TRUST RESPECT PRINCIPLES VIRTUES GOD 050411 %MORALITY ETHICS RULES LAWS COMMANDMENTS DEMANDS IT 050411 %FAMILIAR INTIMACY FORMALITY FORMULAS RITUALS DEVIL 050411 %ESTRANGED ALIENATED RELATIONSHIPS DESTRUCTIVE GOOD 050411 %META SYSTEMS ANALYSIS REFLEXIVE OBJECTIVE LOVERS 050411 The reason that Domineering-People are so destructive and disintegrative is that they have no sense of reverence or respect for diverse forms of integrity; and so are will often dis-integrate that which merits respect, honor and even reverence --- while being insensitive to what they are doing. Domineering-People are fixated upon promoting forms of conformity which are advantageous to them and their causes/goals. Getting people to conform is often profitable. Reforming substances from one form to a more salable form is often profitable. Recycling of substances and workers through re-formations and re-training is often profitable. Corporations-as-Persons are motivated by the mandate by stock-holders that the Corporations-as-Persons use and abuse their rights to be Profitable-to-Stock- Holders who know little of the Human-Costs-of-Profits. What constraints should be placed upon Corporations- as-Persons with Personal-Rights? To what extent should Corporations-as-Persons show respect, honor, and maybe even reverence --- for the Diverse-Integrations-and- Integrities of their Employees-And-Customers? Are Employees-And-Customers merely "stuff" to be Managed-and- Manipulated to produce the greatest annual return on Impersonal-Investments. Is Conformity the Greatest-Good; quite apart from any considerations of Integrations-and- Integrities which are Truly-Authentic? What is the relationship between Conformity-and-Integrity? Is one equivalent to or essential to the other? In what way? Why? (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================