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%MOTIVATIONS CAUSES INTENTIONS DESIRES DUTIES CALL 050408 %MYTHS COSMOLOGIES DESTINY RESPONSIBILITY DOMINATED 050408 %PLANS GREED PERSONAL COMMUNAL INTEGRITY NATIONAL 050408 %EMPIRE RELIGIOUS INSTITUTE LEADER CORPORATION EVIL 050408 %SACRIFICE SCAPE GOAD CAPITALIST INTEREST SUPERIORS 050408 %PROFIT BOTTOM LINE STOCK HOLDERS VISION PURPOSE IT 050408 What motivates, guides, directs, and leads Domineering-People in their many efforts? Not all of them are personally greedy. Some of them have been leaders of Nation-States, Religious-Institutions, International-Corporations, Educational-Institutions, etc. Some of them have served their Chosen-Causes at great self-and-family sacrifices; not-greedy in any usual sense. The following seem to be some common-factors and/or features in the lives of Domineering-People: 1. Serving some Self-Interests or the Interests of some Select-Special-Superior: Group, Doctrine, Teaching, Cause, Vision, Purpose, Spirit, Angel, or Conception-of- God with which Self-is-Intimately-Associated. 2. Behaviors which are Stern, Unilateral, Arrogant, Pretentious, Coercive, Violent, Overwhelming, etc. 3. A willingness to sacrifice: Honesty, Humility, Authenticity, Kindness, Patience, Civility, Hospitality, Tolerance, Generosity, Justice, Balance, Mutuality, Cooperation, Collaboration, and related virtues --- to better serve their favored cause(s) and/or interest(s). 4. An indifference toward: Personal-and-Communal Integrities-And-Integrations within the Widest-Relevant-Contexts that are in practice inter-related and/or inter-dependent in either positive-or-negative ways. 5. Ignorance-About, Bias-Against, and/or Prejudice-Related-To: Personal-and-Communal Integrities-And-Integrations within the Widest-Relevant-Contexts that are in practice inter-related and/or inter-dependent in either positive-or-negative ways. 6. A willingness to violate the trust-of-many-people who Entrusted-Them with responsibilities, wealth and power believing that they would respond to that trust in ways which would Facilitate-And-Encourage both Personal-And- Communal Integrations-And-Integrities. 7. Exclusion-From-Consideration often serves as a focus of Domineering-People. The following kinds of Complementary-Realities are the Foci-of-Exclusion-From- Consideration: a. Victims of Holy-Crusades. b. Victims of Holy-Wars-of-Purification. c. Victims of Holy-Wars-of-Manifest-Destiny. d. Victims of Holy-Inquisitions-of-Purification. e. Victims-of-Holy-Campaigns-of-Economic-Hit-Men. f. Idolatrous-Campaigns-of-Religious-Orthodoxy. g. Cultural-Wars-of-Cultural-Genocide. h. Addictions focused upon Drugs, Oil, Coal, U-235. i. True-Lovers-Focused upon Communal-Integrities. j. True-Lovers-Focused upon Integrities-of-the-Poor. k. People who are Thirsty, Hungry, Homeless, Poor. l. Visionaries focused upon Shalom rather than War. People who are focused upon Exclusion-From- Consideration are dominant supporters of: The-Domination- System as God, The Fallen-Powers-That-Be-As-Gods, Isolated-Ideological-Idols, Isolated-Values-and-Ideals, Isolated-Dictators, Fearful-Isolated-Wealthy-Capitalists, Excommunications-of-Creative-People, Excommunications-of- Complementary-People, Isolated-Ideal-Forms and many "Other-Possibilities". 8. Simplifications go along with Exclusions-From- Consideration. Domination is easier when there are very few: Classes-of-People, Casts, Ways-of-Distinguishing, Ideals, Values, Sides, Virtues, etc. It is hard for Domineering-People-to-Admit-Their-Mistakes --- so Complementary-Possible-Foci are hard to Admit-Into- Consideration in the face of having made an Exclusive- Commitment-To-One-Supreme-and-Ultimate-Concern, Value or God. Domineering people tend to operate in Dichotomous- Polarized-Worlds among: Opposing People, Goals, Values, Ideals, Ideologies, etc. --- with Just-Two-Sides to every Contentious-Conflict. Integrations and Integrities are the Last-Things that they are likely to consider as being important. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================