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%HONESTY DESCRIBING REVEALING EXPOSING PROPHETS SIN 050328 %MYTH REDEMPTIVE VIOLENCE COERCION ENFORCE GOOD LAW 050328 %LEGAL DOMINATION SYSTEMS ANALYSIS DIVINE WILL GOOD 050328 %FIXED ROLES PROHIBIT REVERSAL REPENT RECONCILE SEX 050328 %PROSTITUTE SLAVE ABUSE MASTER OWNER PURCHASE ORDER 050328 %COMMAND DEMAND PROSCRIBE PRESCRIBE EMBARRASS STAND 050328 The Myth-of-Redemptive-Violence is intimately inter- Woven-Together-With other Mutually-Supportive-Myths about Redemptive-X; where "X" represents any-or-all-of the following Divinely-Appointed Absolutely-True AGENTS-of- REDEMPTION: 1. Fixed-Roles. 2. Prohibitions-Against Role-Reversals. 3. Fixations-Against-Change. 4. Eternal Fixed-Relationships. 5. Master-Slave Unilateral-Relationships. 6. Prohibitions-Against Causing-Embarrassment. 7. Eternally-Stable Cast-Systems-of-Domination. 8. Domination-Systems of Laws-and-Orders. 9. Legal-Systems of Distributive-Injustice. 10. Strict-Father Means-to-Salvation. 11. The-Good Submissive-Wife Role. 12. The-Evil Assertive-Wife Role. 13. The-Good Successful-Punishment Technologies. 14. The-Evil Successful-Rebellion Technologies. 15. The-Good Occasions for Redemptive-Coercion. 16. The-Evil Occasions of Disintegrative-Rebellion. 17. Eternal-Truths Controlled by The-Priests 18. Dominant-Leaders'-Rights to Avoid-Embarrassment. 19. Submissive-Slaves-Duties to Hide-Embarrassments. 20. Powerful-Connections between Gods-Above and US. 21. The Divine Rights of Empires/Emperors. 22. Concentrations-of-Wealth for Good-People. 23. Concentrations-of-Powers-That-Be for Good-People. 24. Guardian-Angels of Successful-Dominators. 25. Spirit-of-Absolute-Truth Being-in-Charge. 26. Divine-Roles of Submissive-Children. 27. Roles of Sexual-Slaves. 28. Roles of Assigned-Scripts. 29. Roles of Ancient-Scriptures. 30. Roles of Ancient-Scripts. 31. Roles of Fixed-Frames. 32. Powers-That-Be of Collusive-Frames. 33. Powers-That-Be of Misleading-Frames. 34. Powers-That-Be of Perverted-Language-Uses. 35. Uses of Human-Diseases by Successful-Leaders. 36. Uses of Excommunications by Successful-Leaders. 38. Occasions of Personal-Disintegration. 39. Occasions of Communal-Disintegration. 40. Ultimate-Rapture of Good-People-of-God. 41. Dominant-Exclusive-Frame for All-Questions. 42. Dominant-Exclusive-Frame for All-Responses. 43. Concentrations-of-Wealth-and-Power For-Good. 44. Program-For-Ridding-The-World Evil-People. 45. Separations of Evil-People from Good-People. Then is the Kingdom-of-Heaven At-Hand? Who helps-build the Kingdom-of-Heaven? How can we recognize the Kingdom-of-Heaven? What kinds of people are in the Kingdom-of-Heaven? How can we know for sure who is Trust-Worthy? What are the Foundations-for-Hope? What is there that Truly-Merits-Reverence? (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================