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%ORIGINAL REVERED LEADERS WORLDS GREAT RELIGIONS 050326 %CREATIVE GROWING EVOLVED INTEGRATION COMPLEMENTARY 050326 %HARMONY HUMILITY COOPERATE COLLABORATE COMPLEMENT 050326 %INSTITUTION CONCENTRATE WEALTH POWER INFLUENCE SIN 050326 %GREED TECHNOLOGY CONFUSION ENTROPY GARBAGE WASTED 050326 %EVOLUTION PATH WAY TRAGIC PERVERSION CORRUPT MONEY 050326 The original Revered-Leaders of the world's great religions focused upon the Essential-Foundations for Personal-and-Communal Integrations-and-Integrities. There have been many gracious ways in which their teachings have been in agreement; Complementary-to-Each-Other. As those original religious leaders' ways of Living- In-Harmony with others have been systematized and institutionalized --- there have been Tragic-Departures from their original Complementary-Gracious-Ways. Too often Religious-Institutions have evolved in ways which have been dominated by Contentious-Considerations that are related to concentrations of: greed, wealth, power, technologies, and corruption. Such concentrations have been tragically misleading; obscuring the Essential- Foundations for Personal-and-Communal Integrations-and- Integrities. There have been many Tragic-Ways in which their Institutional-Evolutions have been DISINTEGRATIVE. Within many Religious-Institutions many FAMILIES- have-DISINTEGRATED as Institutional-Values Evolved-In-Ways which have Concentrated-upon-Contentious-Contests related to: Ideal-Forms, Con-Formity, Formalities, Formulas, and Formal-Confessions. Domineering-Institutional-Leaders have mislead their Conforming-Disciples into Contentious-Contests; Away from Creative-Considerate-Cooperation-and- Collaboration within Complementary-and-Convergent --- Gracious-Paths-of-Being-True-Neighbors In-Love --- Demonstrating True-Hospitality, Humility and Healing; Guided by Distributive-Justice for Vulnerable-Ones. The paths of Domineering-Institutional-Leaders have led tragically toward Pervasive-Insecurity and the Disintegration-of-Many Families of Vulnerable-Poor-People. Religious-Institutions need to Repent and stop showing reverence toward Concentrations-of-Wealth-and- Powers by Domineering-Institutional-Leaders in Secular: Corporations, Conglomerates and Political-Parties. (c) 2004 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================