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%INEVITABLE TRAGIC NATURAL CONSEQUENCES IMPOSSIBLE 050314 %UNRECOGNIZED HUMANE LIMITS TOLERATE PATTERNS DEVIL 050314 %SUBMISSION PASSIVE SERVANT DOMINEERING LORD MASTER 050314 %ENSLAVE SELL BUY OWN POSSESSION POWER WEALTH LOVER 050314 %TRUE ABSOLUTE COMPLEMENTARY TRUTHS INCOMPLETE GODS 050314 %DISHONEST COLLUSIVE GAME MUTUAL SELF DECEPTION SEX 050314 There are subtle and often unrecognized natural consequences of tolerating-patterns-of-domination. Such natural-consequences are rarely well-recognized by either domineering-people or by the people who long submit-to-or- tolerate the patterns-of-domination --- for whatever reason. Among the natural-consequences are the following: 1. Being-insensitive; e.g., unaware-of-natural- consequences. 2. Playing alienative collusive-games of mutual- self-deception --- leading to being-desensitized. 3. Rationalization of insensitivity; i.e., reasoning in ways to justify-insensitivity as being part-of a normal, natural and a "proper" pattern-of-accommodation to what-cannot-be-avoided and/or changed. 4. Refinements of the rationalization of insensitivity leading to semi-conscious refinements of patterns-of-domination so as to more-effectively repress, suppress and de-sensitize vulnerable-people into: submission, acquiescence, passivity, quietude, & thought- less-ness, and the acceptance-of-the-concentration of powers-and-wealth through distributive-injustices. 5. Rationalizations of the ancient Babylonian Myth- of-Redemptive-Violence along-with: coercion, repression, suppression, oppression, crusades, dishonesty, secrecy, invulnerability, security, pretentiousness, arrogance and hubris. 6. Evolving-Indifference to the Tragic-Consequences described above --- along with an evolving-inability to imaging any-way to rise-above, care-about, of envision any better-way to behave so as to transcend-and-subvert the patterns of evolving-domination-and-disintegration. 7. Evolving patterns-of-despair, repressed-anger and tendencies to engage in suicidal-behaviors; subconscious, semi-conscious, dreamy, and/or intentional. 8. Increasing levels of acceptance-of-domination as a good-means for concentrating wealth-and-power so as to be able to maintain-technocratic-order --- regardless of how alienative-and-personally-entropic the means may be. Entropic-Processes increase-entropy; increase-dis-order- and-chaos. The Babylonian Myth-of-Redemptive-Violence was an "original" way to deal with Evil-Conceived As-Dis-Order among the body-parts of a Slain-God In-Order to Create- Our-Cosmos. The Overall-Pattern of The-Acts-of-Creation were Conceived-as-Essentially-Violent. Study Walter-Wink's book "The Powers That Be"; a summary of three scholarly and extensive foundational books. In contrast to the above, in order to enjoy peace, health and shalom --- we need to be involved in Intimate Personal-Relationships as True-Lovers who understand, transcend, and subvert the Tragic-Patterns of "Successful- Domination". There are some Natural-Prerequisites to Truly- Intimate Personal-Relationships Being-Possible; e.g.: 1. Distributive-Justice for all involved. 2. The Right-to-Object for Each-One-Involved. 3. Involvement Measured in terms of Vulnerability. 4. The Right-to-be-Different in Integrative-Ways. 5. The Protection of those who are Most-Vulnerable. 6. The Integrative-Management of Risks-and-Costs. 7. No-Right-to-be-Dominant for Any-One-Involved. 8. No-Right-to-be-Dominant for Any-One-Not-Involved. 9. The Principle that Involvement-and-Risk Go-Together. 10. No-Right-to-be-Dishonest, Deceptive or Misleading. 11. No-Right-to-be-Invulnerable, Invisible or Hidden. 12. No-Right-to-Concentrate Powers-or-Wealth. 13. No-Right-to-Steal anything objective or reflexive. 14. No-Right-to-Label and/or Alienate Vulnerable-Ones. 15. Rights-to-Object within Ones-Level-of-Involvement. 16. Influence Only-Within Ones-Own-Level-of-Integrity. 17. Risk-Management-Authority Only-Within-The-Above-Ways. 18. Authority-Based-on-Integrity; Not-on-Concentrations. 19. Integrity-Based-on-Authenticity; Not-upon-Conformity. 20. Integrity-Based-on Mutuality-and-Balance, Not-Force. 21. Authority-Based-on Shared-Experiences, Not-Violence. 22. True-Lovers being-more-honored than Domineering-One. In the light of the above descriptive-observations of reflexive-realities of "modern-living" the following may slowly become clearer: 23. Domineering people & their victims (often-the-same) need help in becoming comfortable with the real possibilities of finding security-and-fulfillment within true-sanctuaries-without-walls where people can be safely- vulnerable within relationships characterized by: intimacy, honesty, balance, mutuality, openness, generosity, humility, distributive-justice, cooperation, collaboration, etc. 2. Objectivity, science, technology, engineering, management, wealth-concentrations, power-concentrations, military-industrial-complexes, and allied-efforts cannot- in-and-of-themselves produce any true-communal-integrity which is interdependent-with creative-personal-integrity. 3. Religions-institutions, spiritual-leaders, prayers, poets, musicians, dancers, dramatists, novelists, historians, artists, dreamers, visionaries, and prophets cannot-in-=and-of-themselves produce any long-sustainable true-communal-integrity within-spaceship-earth which is interdependent-with creative-personal-integrity. 4. It will take a Profound-Integration of ALL of the Above-Referenced Kinds-of-People Working-Together In-Love to evolve in mutually-agreeable-ways the Enjoyment-Of and the Sustainment-Of both Communal-Integrities and Personal- Integrities which are Not-Based upon Conformity-of-Any- Kind. (c) 2004 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================