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%WELL INTEGRATED ENDURING WHOLE COMMUNITY SHALOM 050312 %ALL AFFECTED MOTIVATED HELP OTHERS BENEFIT JUSTICE 050312 %DISTRIBUTION GOODS FOOD CLEAN WATER AIR ENERGY GOD 050312 %POWER WEALTH RISKS ENVIRONMENTAL INTEGRITY ENTROPY 050312 %CHAOS EVIL RELATIONSHIPS OBJECTIVE ABSOLUTE TRUTHS 050312 %INDIVIDUALISTIC CAPITALISM UNILATERAL ACTS ALIENS 050312 The extent to which a community can become and endure as a well-integrated-whole --- depends upon the extent to which all those who are affected by the community: 1. Are motivated to help all others become well integrated and to truly benefit from the integrations and integrities of all others. 2. Help each other to clarify, realize and build upon the essential foundations for honest: dialogue, listening, cooperation and collaboration. 3. Work to mitigate and share the risks entailed in honest: dialogue, listening, cooperation & collaboration. 4. Engage in wholistic-systems-analyses made within- and-of causes-and-effects within-their-own-reflexive- relationships --- which they cannot truly-control nor can they completely-understand. 5. Willingly participate in Webs-of-Covenants so as to Become-and-Continue To-Be: Mutually-Supportive, Demonstrators of Distributive-Justice, Hopefully-and- Joyfully-Interdependent, and Gracious-Healers of Imperfect-Relationships. 6. Are aversive of gaining-anything for-themselves at the expense of those who are: weaker, poorer, sicker, and more vulnerable than themselves. 7. Know, acknowledge and understand that True- Security entails Being-Safely-Vulnerable with All-Others. 8. Know, acknowledge and truly- understand that Invulnerability cannot-be-achieved and is not any part of True-Security. 9. Know and show reverence toward all that truly- transcends-themselves in ways that they cannot-control. 10. Let-Go of the desire to know which individuals- as-such are Good, Better or Best; and which individuals- as-such are Evil, Worse or Worst. (c) 2004 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================