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%SIGNS ASSIGNED LABELS CAST SYSTEM DIFFERENTIATE 050308 %COLOR GENDER SEXUAL PREFERENCES SLANT EYES JAPS 050308 %NIGER GERMAN CHINESE HOMOSEXUAL FAG DISRESPECT 050308 %LOW HIGH CLASS CHURCH ORTHODOX HERETIC HOLOCAUST 050308 %PECKING ORDER TOP SUPERIOR COMPETITE WINNER LOSER 050308 %ADVANTAGE VULNERABLE SUBMISSIVE DOMINANT VIOLENT 050308 Different cultures organize "cast" system around different means of differentiating who will play roles which are "low-on-th-pecking-order" and who will play roles which are "high-on-the-pecking-order". Most cultures seem to agree that it is natural-and-normal that there "should" be such casts <==> "pecking-orders". India in the past for many years had a rather well "recognized" and well "organized" system by which to "order" who had what "pecking-rights" as do most kinds of animals. The rights and rites of "pecking-orders" have been organized around: 1. Birth-rights. 2. Inheritance-rules; e.g., through females or males. 3. Respect-for-elders. 4. Respect-for-youth. 5. Athletic-competitions. 6. Team-competition. 7. Individualistic-competitions. 8. Clan-identification. 9. Extended-family-structures. 10. Language-differentiations. 11. Religious-cults. 12. Trade-guilds. 13. Educational-disciplines. 14. Gender-traditions. 15. Sexual-dispositions. 16. Sexual-services, servants, and lords. 17. High/Low Church traditions. 18. Orthodox/Heretical Doctrines 19. Dominant/Submissive Leaders. 20. Physical/Psychological/Spiritual Leaders. 21. Issues of Health/Sickness. 22. Dress-codes. 23. Cosmetic-Beauty. 24. Body-Language-Standards. Rarely is a culture free of all forms of cast differentiations. Cultural differences are more likely to be associated with the means for identifying and labeling high-cast and low-cast people within the culture. Under all such differentiations are issues of domination and submission; who serves whom; who takes advantage of whom in terms of some system-of-classification and signs-of- vulnerability; assigned-labels. (c) 2004 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================