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%INTEGRATIVE BOUNDARIES SHARP LINES SHIFTING SANDS 050308 %WIND STORMS FLOODS CRACKS ROCKS EARTH QUAKE WAVES 050308 %TSUNAMI PLATE TECTONICS SHIFTING CONTINENTS DEVIL 050308 %EVIL RELATIONSHIPS INDIVIDUALS ISOLATED ALIENATED 050308 %RACIAL PREJUDICE CAST SYSTEM MINORITY RIGHTS RITE 050308 %WIDE SPECTRUM INTEGRATIONS INTEGRITIES PURITY SEX 050308 It is impossible to draw truly-sharp and enduring integrative-boundaries between sexual-relationships and non-sexual-relationships --- because: 1. There are wide-spectrums of integrations, integrities, friendships, intimacies, courtships, and levels-of-sexual-intimacy --- which are coherent and worthy of respect, honor, support and maybe even reverence. 2. Sharp-boundaries are more characteristic of dichotomous-thinkers, unilateral-polarizers, contentious- behaviors, pretentious-leaders, etc. --- than of integrators and integrities. 3. Prudent-Courtships are often gradual processes; rather than catastrophic-processes. Study learned writing on "Catastrophe Theory" about finding smooth paths through multidimensional spaces which "go-around" cliffs. 4. Finding and identifying Complementary-Truths entails exploring regions of: parables, metaphors, smiles, poetry, similarities, parallels, songs, dance, art, novels, drama, etc. --- not just regions of Stark- Contrasts, Dichotomous-Statements, Polar-Opposites, Demands-Commands, etc. (c) 2004 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================