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%ABILITY KNOWLEDGE CERTAIN ABSOLUTE TRUTH RELIABLE 050228 %INTERACT COMMUNICATE COOPERATE ALIENATED ESTRANGED 050228 %BLOCK BETWEEN INHIBIT REPRESS SUPPRESS GUIT SHAMED 050228 %TABOO LANGUAGE CULTURE CONCERN FEAR ANXIETY SEXUAL 050228 %INTIMACY VULNERABILITY OPENNESS HONESTY AUTHENTIC 050228 %FRIENDSHIP LISTEN DIALOGUE NEGOTIAATE COMPROMISE 050228 Our ability to know each other with any degree of reliability depends upon how reliably we can interact- with, communicate-with, and cooperate-with each other. If we are alienated-from, estranged-from and communication- is-blocked by something "within" or "between" us --- we cannot know each other with any degree of reliability. Inhibition of knowledge about each other is occasioned by: 1. Not knowing each other's language(s). 2. Not understanding each other's culture(s). 3. Misunderstanding each other's culture(s). 4. Not being sensitive to each other's concerns. 5. Wearing perception-filters to keep ignorant. Our ability to know about the cosmos within which we live depends upon how sensitive we are to what is, and has been, happening around us. Are we sensitive to the countless kinds of signals which are arriving now from the near and far reaches of the cosmos via: 1. Each possible electromagnetic signal wavelength? 2. Each possible gravitational signal wavelength? 3. Protons, deuterons and helium atoms? 4. Electrons, positrons and other elementary things? 5. Tenuous clouds of interstellar dust and gas? Our ability to know about the cosmos also depends upon how honesty and coherently we can think and be in dialogue about the signals which we receive, recognize and give attention to. We are totally insensitive to most signals and are incapable of giving much attention to most of those which we become dimly aware of. As short-lived mortals we cannot know a large fraction of all that might be known about the exceedingly long history of the cosmos. We do not even know for sure, what we will be able to agree upon in the long-term, about what knowledge is and will become most: 1. Reliable, 2. Enduring, 3. Helpful, 4. Coherent, 5. Integrative, 6. Reconciling, 7. Conciliatory, 8. Reassuring, 9. Healthful, 10. Hopeful. (c) 2004 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================