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%SYSTEMIC GREED TECHNOCRACY POWER WEALTH COALITION 050227 %DOMINATION CONTROL VIOLENCE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL 050227 %COMPLEX SIMPLISTIC ANALYSIS RELIGIOUS DOCTRINES 050227 %FUNDAMENTAL GOD TALK ACTION SERVICE TRUE LOVERS 050227 %SEXUAL ECONOMIC EDUCATION ABUSE CORRUPT DECAY SINS 050227 %VULNERABLE INTEGRITY COHERENCE SANCTUARY SHALOM 050227 Many threats to and ways of undermining both personal and communal integrities will not be addressed or mitigated until many of the FOLLOWING-REALITIES are recognized, described, talked about, and transcended: 1. The diverse-kinds-of-abuse of-the-weak by the- strong-and-wealthy-and-powerful need to all-be-dealt-with in explicit-terms that talk about: vulnerability-and- invulnerability rooted-in-the-inequalities of powers-and- weakness related-to: sexuality, age, education, mental- inheritance, physical-inheritance, cultural-inheritance, gender-inheritance, economic-inheritance, battles won-and- lost, etc. 2. The realities of the above inequalities within the contexts of: sexual-abuse, pornography, child-abuse, prostitution-trade-of-children, desperate-women who are forced-into-prostitution to earn a living, marriages which are much-like-prostitution, sexual-abuse during-and-after wars, marriages/families destroyed by maintaining and using military-forces in-threat and in-reality. 3. The disintegrative effects of threat-domination by coalitions of-wealth-and-power against the poor-and- powerless where the advantages of: age, size, strength, health, culture, birth, education, inheritance, etc. --- form-the-basis for the expansion of those unfair- advantages as motivated-and-guided by greed. 4. The complex ways in which many forms of abuse are much-alike, similar, related, and parts of a big-pattern; which is hidden by collusive/domineering-people, addicts, codependent-supporters, corporations, religious-groups, scholars, scientists, technocrats, lawyers, etc. 5. Where there are concentrations of wealth, power, influence, tensions, conflicts, self-righteousness, and pride --- be-aware and beware of the attendant-many-forms of corruption which are their children-of-alienation. The connections are more intimate than many True-Lovers dare to be! (c) 2004 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================