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%FEELING RATIONALIZE SHOW REVERENCE VULNERABLE LOVE 050224 %INVULNERABLE TRAGIC RATIONALIZE ABUNDANCE SCARCE 050224 %HONESTY SELF DECEPTION UNILATERAL MUTUAL BALANCED 050224 %CONCEAL REPRESS SUPPRESS COERCION VIOLENCE ABSENCE 050224 %AUTHENTIC OPEN REVELATION HEAL INTEGRATION TRUTHS 050224 %GRACIOUS SANCTUARY SAFE INTIMACY SEXUAL FRIENDSHIP 050224 Feeling-reverence, rationalizing-reverence, and showing-reverence --- towards IN-VULNERABILITY and that/those who pretentiously "show" IN-VULNERABILITY --- leads tragically toward both personal-and-communal disintegration --- because within such "feeling", "rationalization" and "showing" --- there is an ABUNDANCE of: dis-honesty, self- deception, unilateral-deception, mutual-self-deception, secrecy, concealment, repression, suppression, coercion, violence, and dis-integration --- and so also a TRAGIC- ABSENCE of: honesty, authenticity, openness, revelation, grace, liberation, confession, forgiveness, gentleness, healing, and integration. ================ Security is NOT associated with or achieved through IN-VULNERABILITY. ================= True-Security IS associated-with, even if NOT achieved-through, Gracious-Mutual-Vulnerability. True-Integrity and True-Security ARE possible, BUT ONLY in association with those Authentic-People who show True-Reverence towards Gracious-Mutual-Vulnerability demonstrated by Truly-Gracious-People in True- Sanctuary-Communities where they --- as Truly-Gracious-People, are Truly-Free --- to be Safely-Vulnerable Without-Fear With-Each-Other. Such True-Categories and True-Concepts are alien-to, misunderstood-by and feared-by; Domineering-People who thoughtlessly support --- The Disjointed Domination System which tragically lacks coherence and integrity; as it promotes incoherence and dis-integrations --- in efforts to get/have power, glory and control of; all that they covet and try to control --- in violent ways which violate the integrity of; whatever they covet and try to control --- in tragic ways. True-Lovers discover that the more thoroughly and fully they show True-Reverence toward the building of True-Sanctuary-Communities within which the Most- Vulnerable are Truly-Free to be Safely-and-Fully- Vulnerable --- the more Truly-Secure they can all be Together-In- Love. They discover that the Kingdom-of-Heaven is then Truly-Among-Them, At-Hand, in what they do together in ways which are: cooperative, collaborative and coherent with both personal-and-communal integrations-and- integrities. (c) 2004 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================