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%MAJOR CONTRSTS WAYS PATHS DOMINEERING TRUE LOVERS 050223 %ACHIEVE SECURITY UNILATERAL POWER CONCENTRATION 050223 %POSSESS WEALTH LUXURIES CONTENTIOUS RELATIONS EVIL 050223 %ESTRANGE SEPARATE DIVISION DOUBT SUSPICION SECRET 050223 %COERCE VIOLENT WAR TERROR WEAPON NUCLEAR FAMILY 050223 %INVULNERABLE FORTRESS SANCTUARY SAFE INTIMACY SEX 050223 There are major contrasts between The-Ways-Of --- ODD-Domineering-People and EVEN-Handed-True-Lovers. Consider The-Contrasting-Ways-of: 1. Domineering-People trying to achieve security: unilaterally, via-power-concentration-coalitions and the accumulation of possessions, wealth and luxuries; ending up in contentious relationships which entail: alienation, estrangement, separations, divisions, doubts, suspicion, secrecy, pretension, dishonesty, collusions, addictions, codependency, coercion, violence, war, terrorism, weapons- of-mass-destruction, and NUCLEAR-mutually-assured- destruction; with no true-security. 2. True-Lovers in EVEN handed ways sharing what they: know, experience, enjoy and have-with-each-other in intimate relationships which entail: openness, honesty, authenticity, cooperation, collaboration, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality, meditation, prayer and reverence; within the framework of graciously and honorably shared security, safety and mutual vulnerability. 3. Domineering-People trying to divide, fragment, alienate and conquer through coercion, violence and excommunications. 4. True-Lovers enjoying each other in the mutually- shared pleasures of: integrations, integrities, coherence, reconciliations, inclusion, hospitality, civility, etc. of true relationships within Love. 5. Domineering-People and True-Lovers demonstrating their contrasting ways which threaten each other's Grounds-of-Being-who-they-are. 6. True-Lovers fulfilling-each-other in Being-One- in-Love through: hospitality, civility, generosity, dialogue, listening, and sharing trustworthy-intimacies. 7. Domineering-People working to disintegrate- each-other through systematic: exclusions, pride, rejections, excommunications, alienations, arrogance, divisions, fragmentations, power-concentrations, wealth- concentrations, greed, unilateral-actions, etc. in defending The-Domination-System described by Walter Wink in his powerful book: The Powers That Be. 8. True-Lovers affirming-and-demonstrating all of the essential-foundations of both personal-and-communal integrations and integrities --- through Love's Gracious Support-and-Revelations. 9. Truly-Domineering-People negating, denigrating and undermining all of the essential-foundations of both personal-and-communal integrations-and-integrities --- through Evil-Relationships which demonstrate: alienation, estrangement, misunderstandings, prejudice, bias, ignorance, repressions, suppressions, coercion, violence, wars, and mutually-assured-destruction. 10. True-Lovers liberating people from their prisons of unneeded-laws, commandments and prescriptions which serve only the special-interests of Truly-Domineering- People and The-Domination-System. 11. Truly-Domineering-Leaders of Religious-and- Political-Parties claiming that in the absence of their Self-Serving unneeded-laws, commandments and prescriptions --- Their-Closely-Held-Community will disintegrate, become chaotic, be-disorderly --- and not-be-profitable To-Their-God that is The Domination System". Shalom! (c) 2004 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================