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%ANTHROPOLOGIST CONTRST CULTURE GEOGRAPHY GOD TALK 050215 %EXCLUSIVE SUPERIOR RELIGIOUS POLITICAL DOMINANTION 050215 %LEADER SYSTEMS ANALYSIS DESCRIBE NATURAL LAWS GOOD 050215 %STAGES GROWTH CHANGE LEARNING TRANSITS METAMORPHIS 050215 %LITERAL INTERPRET OBJECTIVE EVENT RELATION REFLEX 050215 %SPIRIT CONFLICT ATTACK BATTLE WARS WEAPONS DESTROY 050215 Many anthropologists who have visited many contrasting cultures can report that the way people talk about God, creation, ultimate spiritual realities and values differs substantially between cultures. Does such diversity in God-Talk ( theology ) indicate that God is actually different in different geographic parts of Space- Ship-Earth? Do changes in God-Talk ( theology ) during the passage of time indicate that God is actually changing with the passage of time? Such changes most likely reflect differences between cultures in different parts of Space-Ship-Earth and/or at different moments in time; i.e., at different points the Space-Time-Continuum. Why is it then, that religious people and theologians have engaged in conflicts and wars over the nature of God and right God-Talk (theology)? They usually are ostensibly in conflict over the nature of God, with each side certain that their supporters are CERTAINLY-RIGHT about the nature of God --- even though they cannot say very clearly just why they are right; and why the others are wrong. They rarely offer any evidence which clearly transcends geographic-location-and-time; e.g., as physicists and chemists in different times and geographic places do. Religious people usually offer evidence which is clearly rooted in the past of their particular historic and cultural traditions; e.g., in ancient scriptures. Might such conflicts and wars reveal more about the natures of those who conceive-their-gods; than about the nature of God? What are the natures of the following kinds of people in light of what kinds of gods they conceive? 1. Domineering people? 2. Believers in the Myth of Redemptive Violence? 3. Addicts and their Codependent Supporters? 4. Players in Collusive Games of Mutual Self Deception? 5. Supporters of Military-Industrial-Complexes? 6. Concentrators of economic wealth? 7. Concentrators of possessable wealth? 8. Concentrators of political/religious influence? 9. Research exact scientists? 10. Scientific-Engineers? (c) 2004 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================