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%INFERIOR FOOLS NEEDING SALVATIONS REDEMPTIONS GODS 050125 %COHERENCE INTEGRITY DISHONESTY DECEPTION COERCIONS 050125 %VIOLENCE NARCISSISM EGOTISM ARROGANCE HUBRIS GREED 050125 %DOUBLE BINDS TRAPS COLLUSIONS CONTENTIOUS DEMANDS 050125 %BEWARE AWARE COMPLEMENTARY TRUTHS PARADOX DIOLATRY 050125 %GOOD DEVILS JUDGEMENTS ALIENATIVE EXCOMMUNICATIONS 050125 Domineering people demonstrate what they tend to view as "coherence" and/or "integrity" in many ways; but they all include in their many "coherent" ways, many forms of: 1. Dishonesty/deception, 2. Coercion/violence, 3. Narcissism/egotism, 4. Arrogance/hubris, 5. Unilateralism/greed, 6. Contentiousness/demands, 7. Collusions/certainties, 8. Greed/selfishness. Be-aware and beware when domineering people offer: 1. Rescues/help, 2. Redemption/salvation, 3. Democracy/liberation, 4. Freedom/independence, 5. Profitability/capitalism, 6. Investments/savings, 7. Success/achievements, 8. Self-confidence/assurances, 9. Superiority/dominance, 10. Advances/improvements. "Goods" such as those suggested above by domineering people always come with hidden ultimate-sacrifices of: 1. Honesty and authenticity, 2. Personal and communal integrities, 3. Personal and communal integrations, 4. Humility and civility, 5. Hospitality and healing, 6. Distributive-justice and righteousness, 7. Distributive-tolerance and forgiveness, 8. Complementations and compliments, 9. Mutuality, clarity and understanding, 10. Sanctuaries, honest-dialogue and security. Domineering people presume to offer security through "sure-means" to "self-centered-invulnerability" --- at the expense of other-inferior-people's: capital, investments, lands, possessions, holdings, goods, truths, integrities, integrations, health, knowledge, ideals, values, goals, housing, families, communities, health, air, water, food, health-care, clothing, vacations, relaxation, recreation, healing, hospitals, hospitality, etc. Domineering people presume to offer people the freedom to do as they please in ways which will please them; but at the hidden-price of having to please- domineering-people at every turn in their crooked path to: salvation, redemption, success, heaven, and their ultimate-fortress. Hiding the lack of coherence and integrity in the ways of domineering people --- is the ULTIMATE-CONCERN of domineering people at every step of their collusive ways; no matter how successful they may be in achieving their greedy goals of concentrating: power, wealth, health and advantages into their own hands --- at the expense of inferior-fools. (c) 2004 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================