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%WORSHIP ONLY OUR ABSOLUTE GOD TRUTH SPECIAL ONE IT 050120 %THOU REFLEXIVE OBJECTIVE SUBJECTIVE EVIL RELATIONS 050120 %PARTIAL WELL SICK DISEASE INTEGRATED COMPLEMENTARY 050120 %BALANCED AVOID COOPERATION IDENTIFIED LABELED GOOD 050120 %COLLUSION ARROGANCE HUBRIS SELF DECEPTION VIOLENCE 050120 %COERCION PREJUDICE BIAS GREED CAPITAL ACCUMULATE 050120 We can know "ABSOLUTE TRUTH" only under special circumstances which include the enduring satisfaction of the following kinds of conditions: 1. That we deal only with "objective" truths which are "partial"; i.e., are not well integrated with all other complementary truths of all kinds; e.g., NOT well integrated with mutually complementary, balanced and humanely reflexive truths. 2. That we avoid cooperation with people whom we have identified and labeled as: "evil-enemies". 3. That we nurture each other's self-righteousness, arrogance, collusive-games-of-mutual-self-deception, and hubris. 4. That we are consistently committed to keeping our own and each other's levels of understanding simple; i.e., devoid of unnecessary: complexity, doubts, chaos, and uncertainty; e.g., avoiding the uncertainties of Heisenberg and others of like kind. 5. That we consistently maintain loyalty to our most "trust-worthy-friends" who are "diligently" working to fulfill the above conditions with us "without-fail". 6. That we consistently work to be faithful to the essential-fundamentals of our utterly reliable faith, good beliefs, and good-rituals. 7. That we diligently avoid all forms of temptation which might lead us into the presence of EVIL. 8. That we avoid dealing with probabilities; because we should always be dealing only with certainties. 9. That we help each other avoid becoming aware of truths which would undermine the above program for knowing who-is-good, who-is-evil, and what is ABSOLUTELY TRUE. 10. That we worship OUR-GOD only, and avoid the worship of any other complementary gods that are not absolute like OUR-GOD is ABSOLUTE. (c) 2004 by Paul A. Smith in "Search for Honesty and Integrity" (On Being Yourself Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================