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%WHAT NOT HELPFUL TRYING CONTROL DOMINATE BOUNDRY 050101 %CONSTITUTION RIGHTS FREEDOM SPEECH PRESS PETITIONS 050101 %ASSEMBLY PRIVACY DISTRIBUTIVE JUSTICE INTEGRITY 050101 %NON-VIOLENT RESISTANCE MODERATE POWER CONCENTRATED 050101 %EXCESSIVE ENOUGH WEALTH NEEDS DEMANDS EXPECTATIONS 050101 %SECURITY INVULNERABILITY HELPFUL MODERATION JUDGES 050101 The traditions of freedom of: speech, religion, assembly, petition, and privacy in the USA Constitution are clear hints that for personal and communal integrities to exist --- there must be limits placed upon the domineering tendencies of powerful people. In the USA Constitution it is the powerful government which is explicitly limited. The hint is present in the USA Constitution that there needs to be RESISTANCE to moderate the domineering tendencies of any powerful people who try to control what it is not helpful to try to control. What is it that is NOT HELPFUL for any powerful people to try to control? Consider the following possibilities: 1. Free expression of truths, perceptions, insights, understandings, experiences, perspectives, descriptions, etc. which need to be considered in open and honest dialogue --- for the community to learn from, benefit from, and help sort out what is helpful and what is not helpful; without repression, suppression, violence, or any form of unilateral control. 2. People's primary experiences, perceptions, insights, ways of understanding, perspectives, visions, hopes, aspirations, dreams, fears, desires, etc. --- for to control such realities entails the destruction of the integrities of the people who are controlled/dominated --- and also entails the destruction of the integrities of the people who attempt to be in control. Only would-be- dictators attempt to control such realities! 3. People's perceptions of the lack of integrity and coherence in domineering people's concentrations of wealth, power, self-esteem, arrogance, self-righteousness, etc. --- to the point that domineering people have "far- more-than-enough" at the expense of others who have "far- less-than-enough" to meet the essential needs for personal and communal integrities to thrive. 4. People's true, accurate, and honest perceptions of the lack of integrity and coherence in the presence of: "The Domination System", "Collusive Games of Mutual Self Deception", "Addictions and their Codependent Supporters", "Military-Industrial-Complexes", "Internat- ional-Economic-Hit-Men", "Greedy-Multinational-Corporat- ions", "Narcissism-in-Powerful-Leaders", "Paranoia-in- Powerful-Leaders, "Greed-in-Powerful-Leaders", etc. 5. Common-People's-Petitions for redress of grievances; e.g., for distributive-justice. If we are not clear about the kinds of realities which must be protected from domination --- for personal and communal integrities to thrive --- we are not in a good position to RESIST domineering people who threaten such realities; ostensibly to protect law-and-order and the common-welfare; against-evil-people and against The- Devil. (c) 2005 by Paul A. Smith in (On Being Yourself, Whole and Healthy) ==========================================================